Thursday, August 12, 2010


A rural writers retreat is schedule for Oct 21-24 in Smithers British Columbia at the Driftwood Lodge.

Driftwood Lodge overlooks  Smithers, BC and offers 120 acres of breathtaking Bulkley Valley, with unobstructed views of the Hudson Bay Mountain, the Babine Mountains and the Telkwa Range.

 Creekstone Press’ Sheila Peters will discuss the importance of community and activism in writing. Jane Stevenson, author of The Railroader’s Wife and former curator at the Bulkley Valley Museum, will host a workshop about doing archival research away from a major centre. Sarah de Leeuw of Prince George will host a workshop called Writing Creatively in Rural and Northern B.C. Sarah is an instructor at UNBC and her writing focuses on creative non-fiction and poetry.

There's also a planned workshop about the art of aboriginal storytelling. Speaker to be announced later. For more information, email or check out their webpage at


  1. What a lovely venue for a retreat... rustic, comfortable and with fabulous views! Are you going to be able to attend? It's the same weekend as the Surrey Conference here at the coast but with its limited registration it will be providing an entirely different experience. Sounds wonderful!

  2. I'm sure hoping I can go. It's going to depend on the weather. It's still four hours northwest of us. Here's hoping.

    I'm glad you're going to Surrey. You're going to enjoy yourself big time.

  3. I'm really stoked about Surrey. I know from past experience that it'll be a great weekend. DD's agent moved to a new agency and dropped her clients so she'll be pitching to find a new one; and I *may* be pitching "Refuge". Apart from that, however, there are oodles of workshops and fantastic people. I'll keep fingers crossed that your weather cooperates as I'm sure you'd love the Smithers event.

  4. You're not sayin' there's snow in October!!!

    I have heard of Smithers BC. Former NHL players (Go Flyers!) brothers Jimmy & Joe Watson are from that area. Looks like an awesome place, sounds like a cool time. Might attend the FWA conference, well one of the 3 days... maybe. Dunno how that mix would work. A Neanderthal among the lil' writerly types. Hah!

  5. After more thought - I'm gonna carry a spit cup around with me at the conference (even though I don't chew) & PRETEND it's the real deal. Set that sucker on the table while they're sippin' away on their Chablis. Would be funny as hell.

  6. Dave, you're absolutely correct. Smithers. That was a while ago. A spit cup? Hmm. Funny, yes. maybe. LOL

  7. What a wonderful place! I do wish I could be there! Hugs and love..

  8. 'Ah Smithers'...'yes Mr. Burns' (Lake)
    Sorry Joylene, that was another feeble attempt at humour by me.
    I have been to Smithers and that looks like a fantastic venue. I think I should become a rural writer or something.
    Did somebody mention Surrey? To think I used to live in Surrey, B.C. and Sutton, Surrey, England. I do get around. Wait, that doesn't sound right.
    Have a great weekend. Kind regards, Gary :-)

  9. Hi Carole. I wish you could be there too. Wouldn't we have a wonderful time!

    Gary, you are a man of the world, definitely.


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