Monday, August 16, 2010

We're Having a Heatwave

...A tropical heatwave.

The only problem is a heatwave means forest fires...

It's true, sometimes I forget no one is immune from Mother Nature. Therefore, today seems a good day to say how grateful I am for where I live; snow or no snow.

The province of British Columbia is shrouded in a haze of thick smoke. Hope those of you near one of the 275 forest fires are breathing well.

Cluculz Lake is right around the first O in Vanderhoof.


  1. Such a beautiful spot, Joylene, even with the smoke. Forest fires are horrendous things. Am praying they never get too close for comfort. We're heading to the cabin Friday and I'm expecting smoke from the fires near Williams Lake and Big Timothy.

  2. Have a nice vacation, Carol. Yes, I think you'll notice a big difference in air quality.

    I'm still trying to come up with the last word.

  3. Hmmm.... & then there's BURNS Lake nearby - That can't be good. We get fires down here - combination of heat & lightning .. oh & drunk Rednecks falling asleep with their corn-cob pipes lit, next to their moonshine stills.

    It'll all be good, just take a deep breath & ... wait, start over, that was a slip. Be safe.

  4. BTW - Y'all have some strange names for towns - or a poor understanding of biology. "Salmon Arm"???

    I love maps.

  5. Dave, I inserted the map specifically for you! Glad you liked it. I knew you would. I just wish Cluculz would have been visible. Oh well. But don't you just love the names. Osoyoos, Keremeous is also missing, but there's Kitwanga and Sechelt, which is where DH grew up.

  6. Forgot to mention, to get to Atlin you first have to leave BC, enter the Yukon then drive through to Alaska, then back into BC.


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