Friday, September 3, 2010

Guaranteed Cure For Writer's Block


Want to beat writer's block? Write 1000 words about the situation above.

If that's too hard, try photo #2:

No? How about photo #3:

Photo #4

Okay, one more, but that's the absolute absolute. Photo #5

Write one thousand words as fast as you can on any of these photographs and I guarantee your writer's block is cured.

--happy editing
ps. Don't hand them in.


  1. How easy is that! Thanks, Joylene.

  2. Joylene, I find photo 3 disturbing. Who would put a gun (fake or not) in the hands of a child? But maybe that's the point of the photo?

    It's working. I think I could write 1000 words on photo three.

  3. You're right, Gary. Photo #3 is meant for shock value. You weren't alone. I was disturbed too, and amazed at how many questions the picture posed.

  4. These are great! Yes, and the perfect cure! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Hi Joylene,
    I have never experienced 'writer's block'. Once I came kinda' close to it. So I wrote a blog about having 'blogger's block', which as I wrote about having it, became a story about having 'blogger's block', thus I did not really have a block at all.
    I like your idea about writing 1000 words about each photographic situation you have submitted, here. So I will, very briefly, leave a short caption on one of them.
    #3: 'I said 'BB gun, not baby gun!..'
    'You know, I hate to see a cat in pane', I say in my best husky voice
    Have a great weekend, Joylene.
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)

  6. Thanks, Karen.

    Gary, honestly, every time I post a pic of a kitten cat, I think of you. LOL. Have a great weekend.

  7. Those are all word-worthy photos! If I had writer's block I'd be tempted to tackle the last one... love that baby's expression! But I'm writing like a crazy person this afternoon. Dug out my Surrey Conference contest entry to send off (deadline is Sept 10th) and started making a bunch of changes in it. Aghhh!!

  8. Ah yes, Joylene. I had a hunch you like to 'torment' me with with photos of cats. Those adorable creatures that will rule the world and turn us into slaves lol
    And speaking of could never run out of interesting stories about Surrey, B.C. 'It happened one rainy Friday night at Semiahmoo Shopping Centre.....'

  9. Hi Carol. I couldn't resist number 4 either. Looking forward to your blogs on SWC.

    Hi Gary. LOL. Yes, I do like to torment you. I don't understand why!

  10. What's with all the cats lately? I visit your blog & sneeze!

    And what's so bad about a baby with a handgun? Gotta start 'em early. Pacifiers are so lame.

  11. What do you mean cats? There's only one. And he's so adorable too.

    Happy weekend, grandpa!

  12. Great photos. Some of them funny, some a bit scary. A good cure for writer's block, though.

  13. Hi Laura. Isn't the last one precious? LOL

  14. Great pictures, although the baby with the handgun is disturbing. Thanks for sharing them and have a great day!

  15. Hi Susanne. I actually found the picture disturbing too, but I think that's why it would work to combat writer's block.

  16. Apparently, I'm the only one who found photo #3 funny. I can hear this baby Clint Eastwood saying "Go ahead, make my day."

  17. LOL. Pat that may because you have the warped sense of humour some of us appreciate. For all we know, maybe it is a baby photo of Clint.


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