Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ask PZM: October 2010

Q: Should I only upload my book-related videos to YouTube or should I upload the videos to numerous free-video sharing sites?

In a perfect world with endless time and resources available to you, there would be no reason NOT to upload to every free-video sharing site you could find.

But most of us live in a world that is limited by time and resources. And I’m a firm believer in getting the “most bang for your buck.”

Therefore, according to Internet marketing guru Terry Dean, “The big king in videos is of course YouTube which produces over 90% of the views.”

(This is from his September 2010 monthly mentoring club newsletter. I’ve been a member of his monthly mentoring club for over two years and highly recommend it. Here’s my affiliate link: http://budurl.com/TerryDeanclub and do note that this information is NOT just about book marketing but rather covers a wide range of Internet marketing activities.)

Obviously this means that, with limited time available, uploading to just YouTube can be a very productive video-sharing strategy. (And it is what I now do instead of uploading my videos to other video-sharing sites.)

Response to Joylene’s comment on the September Ask PZM:

“Phyllis, it is always a honor having you on my blog. You bring hope to an often frightening adventure. Marketing should be classified as the new horror. LOL. Just kidding. It's so much fun. Okay, that's stretching things. Marketing is ‘interesting.’ At least since meeting you, it's become that. Thanks for your continuing help!”

Joylene, I understand that marketing can seem like an unfair burden to people who just want to “write.” But the truth is that writers have always had to market (except for the very few very lucky ones) whether they thought of this as marketing.

Let’s think about this:

You want to get an agent and then a publisher for a book. If you’re smart, you’ll study articles and books about writing a compelling query letter and, if appropriate, a compelling nonfiction book proposal.

The effort you put into writing an effective query letter (or email) and nonfiction book proposal is marketing – you are putting your wares on view with what you hope is the most attractive display that you can produce.

And what are book signings but taking your book to a central “marketplace” and “hawking” the book to passersby?

The truth is that the Internet in general and social media in particular have made it much easier (and less expensive) for us writers to market our books. This results from two main reasons:

1) easier access to worthwhile information that helps us market our books
2) easier access to people who might want to buy our books

Bonus tip: If you don’t already know about the book marketing site BookBuzzr, read my latest monthly Bookbuzzr guest post “Four Stages of Successfully Using Social Media to Promote Your Book” and then check out the rest of the site -- http://budurl.com/4stagesbookpromo

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  1. Thanks for an interesting post, Phyllis and Joylene. Marketing has to be the least popular aspect of our writing careers, but I suspect if we could see it from the beginning as part of the package, and acquire promotion ideas and resources along the way, it would probably seem less daunting when the time came. Social media has certainly revolutionized our approach.

  2. Carol --

    I really like your statement: "...if we could see it from the beginning as part of the package ..."

    Yes, this is exactly the point! It is part of the package. And, instead of authors being resistant to this part of our writing career, we could embrace it as the support it can be.

    And what I love about social media is that it is (for the most part) FREE. This levels the playing field with authors who get huge promotional budgets from their publishers.

  3. Hi Carol. It's attitudes like yours that make sense of this business. I know in my heart what Phyllis is trying to teach is as relevant as any part of the process, yet I still fight it. Silly, when you think of how important it is to share the final product. What's the point of being a published author otherwise.

    Thanks, Phyllis.

  4. Hmmm... better find the time to make that video! :0)

  5. Hi Carole. But after that I'll help you post the news to the world!

  6. I'd say go for it...post it everywhere you can. I don't have a book (yet) but I think any chance you get to have a link on line with your name the better it is for you. :)

  7. I totally agree, Sharon. Hey--thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Sure appreciate it.

  8. Sharon --

    It's definitely important to start interacting online before you have a book. Then, when you do have a book, you will already have online contacts.

    Plant the seeds now to reap the harvest later!

  9. Good advice, Phyllis. I can attest to how well it works.

  10. Interesting post.

  11. Hi Susanne. Thanks for stopping by.


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