Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And the winners are...

CONGRATULATIONS to Jamie Manning of Alabama and Margaret Elmendorf of South Carolina. Their names were randomly chosen as the winners of my Blog Jog Day contest. Their autographed copy of Dead Witness is in the mail. 

I had a great Blog Jog Day and I'm thrilled to have it occur just as I surpassed twenty-thousand hits. When I started blogging in 2008, I never imagined reaching that number, let alone meeting so many wonderful blogger. Thank you for your continuing support. You're all pretty darn terrific. 

The contest to pick the date you believe the lake freezes over is still going on. You've got until midnight November 30th to decide. The winner will also receive a copy of Dead Witness in plenty of time for Christmas. If you really need to choose a date already taken, that's fine. I can mail two books just as easily as one. 

Good luck!



  1. Sounds like your BlogJog was lots of fun. I was spending very little time online so had to pass on it again this year. Congratulations on the 20,000 site hits. It's amazing how quickly all the online visiting makes them add up, isn't it?

  2. OOooh! They're going to love "Dead Witness." It had me locking my doors...
    Congratulations on 20,000 hits, Joylene. Your blog is full of fun and information.
    Happy Thanks giving.

  3. Thanks, Carol. Good luck on your last week of NaNo.

    Hi Judy. Thanks so much for the endorsement. You are such a cutie.

  4. Hi Joylene,
    Congratulations to the winners. I know your book will be a most cherished and loved item.
    20,000 hits. Wow, that's awesome. Another 19,999 to go, for me, then:-)
    And you've been blogging since 2008? Joylene, you really should get some eh.
    Take care and stay warm.
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)

  5. Thanks, Gary. I have to admit, I'm sorta impressed with the idea of 20,000 hits. Course, I know plenty of bloggers that have tripled that. But, hey, I'm a country pumpkin, so anything achievement is worth noting.

    Stay safe, Gary.

  6. Excuse me? You mean, out of only 20,000 hits, you could not have randomly chosen me? LOL!

    Seriously, congratulations on the hits! I enjoy your blog!

    And, being in Southeast Texas, I don't know what it means to have a lake freeze over, and I'm anxious to see the answers on this one!

    Keep up the good work, lady!
    You're my hero!

  7. Hi Carol! Some years I wake up in the morning and the lake is completely frozen over. Some years it gradually freezes around the outer edge until it meets in the middle. This year the edge started to freeze then the wind came and moved it. You should bet on a day. It's anyone's guess. I've never won. I did win on the contest over when the ice breaks up in the spring twice. In the spring it generally sinks.

  8. 20,000 hits? AWESOME!

    Congrats to the winners of your book!


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