Saturday, November 13, 2010

Getting Old by Mary Maxwell

Need a good chuckle? Here's Mary Maxwell at the Caregivers Dinner.

We've had lots eagle activity these past two weeks. This morning five played outside our windows for half an hour. Last summer we seldom saw any, now they're flying by every few minutes. The other day one of the younger eagles dropped a fish and our cat Pretty Boy brought it home. Pretty Boy isn't exactly the smartest cat we've ever owned, but presenting us with this headless wonder made his day.

Eating bugs is exhausting work.

Gary, knowing how fond you are of cats, I just wanted to add a Big Thank You for bestowing me with the Happy 101 Award. I'll cherish it always. I haven't chosen 4 others yet because just recently a dear friend warned that if I bestowed him with one more award he was showing up for dinner and subsequently moving in for a month.

Meanwhile, do check out Gary's blog at -- it's called A Man Challenging His 'Inner Critic'.


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Will check out the video, thanks. Have a great weekend,
    Karen :)

  2. Hi Karen. Have a safe and happy weekend. It's sunny here; hope you're getting the same.

  3. Hi Joylene,
    Oh yes, why am I here? Ah, silly leave a comment. That would be now you've remembered where you parked your car and shaved the hair hanging out of your ears! lol
    Well then, thanks to the eagle and 'Pretty Boy, you wont be needing to get any fish. What a result!
    You are most welcome for the award. And thank you so much for posting up a picture of your adorable cat. What am I saying? Yikes!
    Anyway, whoever you forward this award on too, I'm sure they will be thrilled. What time's dinner?
    Take care, Gary :-)

  4. Your pictures are wonderful and so is that video clip! May we all have our wits about us well into our dodderage and be able to keep a sense of humour when besieged by some of those annoying signs of old age. If she ever writes a book I'll be in line to read it.

  5. I don't know when I've laughed so hard! That video was hilarious...priceless! And even more funny because it's so true!
    Thanks for sharing it!

    And I've never seen an eagle before, outside of captivity, so that is absolutely breathtaking to me to see your pictures. What a sight that must be to see!
    Thank you for sharing that as well!

  6. Wow, awesome eagle pics. The eagles are one of the reasons I so miss the Pacific NW.

    The video was hysterical!

  7. Gary, honestly, it's getting freaky how many eagles there are. We just counted 6. Then DH went down to the beach and found a dead fish. Ah ha!

  8. Hi Careann. Yes, isn't Mary just the cutest. 145 lbs! Cracked me up. Thanks for stopping by. Have a safe weekend.

  9. Hi Carol. I'm glad you enjoyed this. A good laugh is wonderful. And even after 19 years, I still get goosebumps when I see an eagle.

  10. Hi Vicki. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed the pics and the video. Makes this blogging-thing so worth it.

  11. Love Pretty Boy, enjoy seeing glimpses of your life. Hugs..

  12. Hi Susanne. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Have a super week.


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