Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cluculz Lake Froze Over

As you can see by the photographs below, after a period of just a few days, yesterday morning the lake froze. Sadly, I haven't seen an eagle since. Does this mean they've probably gone to another lake to feed? Yes. I'm going to miss them.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my When Will The Lake Freeze Over contest.

Congratulations Carol J. Garvin. Your pick of December 20th was right on, Carol. Thanks so much for participating. It was fun. Please enjoy your autographed copy of my suspense thriller Dead Witness. And thank you everyone else for joining in the fun. In fact, let's do this again in the spring.
--Merry Christmas


  1. I do enjoy your lake and eagle photographs Joylene,hopefully you'll share some more with us in 2011.
    Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Geez... looks cold up there. I couldn't handle it.

  3. Hi Paul. Don't worry. LOL. I'm a bit of an amateur photographer. I can't help but take pictures. The scene changes constantly. Merry Christmas.

  4. Dave, you'd be surprised how fast you adapt. Especially after living here 30 years. LOL. I don't mind the cold as much as I miss the sun. And wait until mid July when I start whining about how hot it is. I know when we were in Jamaica I actually had trouble breathing because it was so hot.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hi Joylene .. no!! it was meant to be 8th of January???!! Gosh it happened quickly didn't it .. shows us the weather changes. Congratulations to Carol and enjoy the suspense thriller - Dead Witness .. a good winter read.

    I hope the eagles comes back .. they'll have gone to find fish I expect ..

    I'm out feeding our birds here & making sure they've got drinking water ..

    Enjoy your wintry Christmassy views from your home - Merry Christmas .. Hilary

  6. LOL, Hilary, sorry. But actually, the lake was late freezing over this year. Skaters are generally out there playing by the end of the second week in December. I saw cross-country skiers go by a moment ago. And early this morning a crack formed right down the length of the lake. We were indoors and still heard it.

  7. What a great contest. Will also miss the eagle pics, but I always love your winter pictures too.

    Congrats, Carol.

  8. Hi Joylene,
    So more beautiful and stunning photos of the lake. And to think it froze over one day before the official start of winter.
    Take care and stay warm:-)
    Kind wishes, Gary

  9. @Hi Keith! Thanks! Hope you guys have a terrific Christmas.

    @Hi Gary. Yes, the lake freezing over was late this year. I'm going to miss the eagles. But time moves forward whether we want it to or not.

  10. Well, I'll be darn! It DID freeze over! It certainly is beautiful! But I hate that the eagles have moved on. Maybe only temporarily? I hope so! I enjoyed your pictures of them!

  11. Well now, look at that! Yay!! It took me two guesses but I actually guessed right. An autographed copy of Dead Witness tickles me! Thanks so much, Joylene. It was a fun contest. :)

    It sure does look wintry there. We've spent the past two days driving through snow to the East Kootenays. The only place in the province that apparently doesn't have snow right now is the south coast. We're going to enjoy a white Christmas here anyway.

    Maybe the eagles will come by once in a while if they've found another lake or stream reasonably close that isn't frozen. But I'll bet you'll also have some regular winter visitors to try and photograph.

    Thanks again, and have a wonderful Christmas!

  12. Merry Christmas, Carol. Yes, it finally froze. The neighbours already had their grandchildren out skating. I'm a chicken and insist on waiting until after the New Year. Course, it is perfect weather for it. Plus 4 today and Plus 6 tomorrow. Celsius, that is.

  13. Yay, Carol! You won. Send me your address again. I can't find it. I'm so glad you're happy. Merry Christmas. Yes, I'm sure I'll be posting many more pics of winter. It's a wonderland up here.


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