Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Check out Alexandra Sokoloff's blog. She's a wizard at explaining STORY BREAKDOWN and making it appear easy. I can't tell you how many times I've been stuck, stopped writing, went back to one of her posts, read it twice, then returned to my work. Honestly, the woman is an outstanding teacher. Good writer, too. Her blog is full of screenwriting tips for authors.

Before you take a trip over to Alex's blog at http://thedarksalon.blogspot.com/ I'm sorry to report that Cluculz Lake hasn't frozen over yet; and the eagles are still pulling my attention away from my work. (I'm not actually sorry about the lake not being frozen. Winter is long enough. Actually, I'm not sorry about the eagles either) The ice is moving closer, but we need many more days of below freezing for that to happen. Today and yesterday was 2 and 5 above Celsius. Some of the eagle shots I had to take through the window because they flew by so fast.

Yes, that white stuff is ice.

Golden Eagle
A golden eagle and a bald eagle. Not particularly friendly toward each other.
I had to take this one of the Golden Eagle through the glass because he kept disappearing before I could get outside. Eagles are not very cooperative subjects.
 --Merry Christmas


  1. Joylene you're pictures are breathtaking !
    I love the eagles and the lake views,please carry on posting your pictures because they really brighten my day:)

  2. Thank you for saying that, Paul. I was feeling guilty because I couldn't think of a useful lesson to blog about. Somedays it's okay to just be. Thanks~!

  3. Thank you, thank you for the link! I've bookmarked and can't wait to get my teeth into that!

    And those beautiful eagles. The likes of which I'll only see in movies, and there they are, right out your door! Beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing the blog link AND the gorgeous eagles!

  4. You're so welcome, Carol. You're going to love Alex's blog. She's a wonderful teacher and so easy to follow.

  5. Alex always has great explanations and tips on her site. I haven't been there for a while so thanks for the reminder... will have to go check it out again.

    Great photos, Joylene... your patience is paying off when it comes to capturing those eagles. How wonderful to have them right outside your window!

    I see the ice approaching. I've still got five days, but I'm not holding my breath.

  6. Carol, it looks as if the lake will freeze, then the sun comes out and along with the wind melts the ice. Cold weather coming tomorrow, so maybe...?

  7. Hi Joylene,
    Okay, I have arrived. I know you must have been anxiously awaiting for yet another deeply profound comment from me. Did I mention I suffer from delusions?
    Seriously, yes seriously, I can most certainly understand that those magnificent eagles have been quite the distraction for you. I would imagine, that such beauty of nature, will give you further inspiration in your superb writing talents.
    It could be a while longer before the lake freezes over. Those temperatures are fairly warm for the time of year.
    I shall go over and check out Alexandra's blog. 'Story breakdown' eh? I braved reading one of my own stories the other day. Nearly had a breakdown reading it.
    Take good care, Joylene.
    In kindness and some British weather, your way, Gary :-)

  8. Gary, it took me all week to rewrite chapter two because I've been dashing outside every time an eagle appeared. Did get some great shots though. I'm getting smarter. LOL. I have my camera settings set and all I had to do was throw open the door and click. I wonder if they know they're famous and that's why they suddenly cooperating?

    Stay safe. Hope the weather is improving.

  9. Hi Joylene,
    Here you go....a 'bonus' comment:-)
    I reckon the eagles know just how famous you are and want to be near celebrities such as your good self.
    And the weather here is getting bad, again. There is another severe weather warning on the way. This will mean, more snow. Yikes! lol

  10. Gary, you are too kind. Thank you! LOL My head's swelling. Keep warm, my dear friend, and keep blogging.

  11. The eagles' pix have turned out beautiful! If Cluculz Lake was here, it would be frozen over! We've been below freezing for a week now, and even the Susquehanna is getting pretty icy (though not solid yet.) I think it's funny that you are warmer there than we are in south-central PA.
    Hope your writing floats along like the eagles.

  12. Sheffe, I agree. The weather has become stranger each year. That's one reason our forests have so much bug kill. We need three weeks of -30 C before it's cold enough to kill the spruce beetle. We haven't had it that cold in years. We'll have a white Christmas though.

    Hope you stay toasty warm. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Thanks for sharing the link. I've added Alexandra's blog to my google reader..

    We haven't any ice here in NS. either, but plenty of wind and rain earlier in the week. Some places were without power for four days. We were fortunate and only without about 11 hours.

    You are fortunate to have eagles to watch. I'm always filled with a sense of awe when I see them.

  14. Hi Laura. It's still dark here and I suspect the lake has frozen over. That means the eagles will feed at another open lake and won't be as visible. Darn. I'm going to miss them. Met up with some neighbours lastnight at a neighbours and everyone remarked on the eagles. It's really be a wonder for everyone.


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