Saturday, January 22, 2011

Internet Speed Test

Things have been wacky lately with my internet connection, and then there's Netflix; we just joined. But my point is, (yes, I have one) it's probably a good idea to do an internet speed test occasionally. Any of the three links below will do, but the first one explains the numbers while the second one also gives you your ping.

I compared all three to Grande Prairie, Alta, and this is what I found:

Sinkut: Download - 4.29 Mbps, Upload - 1.09
Bandwidth: Download - 4.68 Mbps, Upload - 1.79
Speedtest: Download - 1.85 Mbps, Upload - 0.72, Ping - 47

If you're wondering why the different results, I suspect it's the many variables affecting my connection. Anything more specific than that and you'd have to ask a techie. Your internet provider may also have their own online speed test.

Since Penny, the Jack Russell and modest internet star wasn't here, I showed my results to Garagee, our cat; she wasn't all that impressed. Actually, her exact words were, "Joylene, you must get out more, my dear. But first, do something with that white trash behind me. I know he has seniority, but shouldn't he be in the garage?" Yes, Garagee has a British accent.


  1. Hello Joylene and Garagee,
    'Yes, tis I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star. I got that silly old chap, Gary, the old rotter I kindly allow to live with me, check out these speed tests. He reached a download of 4.85 Mbps on one of the tests. Then he told me the tests were inconclusive because his virus protection decided to do a full system scan. I have absolutely no idea what any of it means. Then again, neither does Gary.
    A fond good day to you my feline friend, Garagee. And Joylene, I thank you for the link that leads back to Gary's site where we all know that I do much better writing than him. That is all. I bid thee farewell. Pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny..Arf, arf!'

  2. Pawsitively lovely to see you again, Penny, my dear. You should tell Gary to get you your own email address and profile pic. It's time, Penny. You're too famous not to. Thank you for clarifying the test thingy. I'm not sure I understand it either. But it makes Joylene happy to see the little needle spin round and round. The girl really needs to socialize more.

    Purfect day to you.
    Queen Garagee.

  3. 'Hello there, dearest Garagee. I shall ponder it over in regards to setting up my own email address and profile picture. I'm thinking about setting up my own blog on '':-)
    And that darned test situation. Gary is just like Joylene. In fact, he spent an hour staring at the screen and watching that silly needle spin round and round. I think they both need to get out more.
    Pawsitive wishes, to you, dearest Garagee, your English doggy friend, Penny. 'Arf, arf! :-)'

  4. When are you gonna put that damn cat on a diet? Internet speed doesn't worry me. I always read your blog posts when I'm in a hurry 'cause I know you type fast.

  5. You've got a good point there Joylene. It's alway good to check once in a while, esp if you notice it's slowing down. I did mine once and it was not up to speed, and complained it to the internet provider, and they put it right.

    Garagee must be worried now that he may end up in the garage...:))

  6. Penny, Garagee's watching the hockey game, Vancouver & Calgary, and asked me to say your friendship is most valued. She especially appreciates that you said nothing about her robust figure. Not like someone we know!!!

  7. Dave! "'Cause I type fast"??? Huh???

    At her last checkup, Queen Garagee weighs 17.5 lbs. She's down half a pound. Course, that may have something to do with the fact she had a serious cold and couldn't breath during meal times. Hmm. A diet? You obviously don't know the Queen.

    Seriously, the old girl isn't a big eater. She fell off the balcony twice, wretched her hips and now wobbles a lot. She's old. Cute though, eh?

    She and Buster "white trash" got into it one day and fell off the deck landing on our crushed path. Another time she was sleeping on the edge and rolled over. Apparently it's not the fall, it's the sudden stop.

    Oh, now I get it. hahaha.

  8. Hi Grandpa. Generally I don't let my DH name our animals, but I had a weak moment. He called her Garage because when she first wandered into our yard, we had four other strays in the house. The idea was, if she stayed, she had to live in the shop/garage. Hence the name "Garagee". I know... it makes absolutely no sense.

  9. Oh, how funny that it looks like that is exactly what Garagee is saying! LOL.

    But I think the information is fascinating, and need to try that out for myself!

    Thanks for the tip!

  10. Hi Carol. Yes, isn't she adorable. And I know, her expression says it all. LOL.

  11. Very funny! Yes, perhaps you should get car hasn't been working for several months (long story) so I need to get out too. If I can borrow my daughter's car, you want to meet for lunch? :o)

    Thanks for the links!
    Happy Monday,

  12. Thanks, Susanne. We have 4 strays and Garagee is the one with the best manners. She's very sweet ... unless she's in a bad mood. Buster seems to bug her a lot. LOL

  13. Happy Monday, Karen. Lunch sounds fabulous! My treat. Excluding the air fare. LOL.


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