Monday, February 28, 2011

Cookies and a Catalogue

As you can see by the Theytus countdown widget to the right, Broken But Not Dead will be out in less than 80 days. It's featured in their catalogue on page three of the WebSpring2011.pdf file. One note: They will be changing the cover to something else before it's due to be printed. I'm not sure what yet.

Which reminds me. Where on a woman's body is a woman's yet? Today on the news they said a woman was shot and the bullet was in her yet. Hmm?

But I digress. What do you suppose I'm doing with less than 80 days to go? I'm getting excited! I'm also having troubles sleeping. My stomach is gurgling a lot. My head hurts because I'm spending too much time daydreaming while staring out the window at frozen Cluculz Lake and its blinding whiteness.

I can't wait to see the new cover. The photo of the highway was a rush job so they could get my book in the catalogue on time; which I'm very grateful for. It's a nice cover, but because I live 2 km off the Highway of Tears, I didn't want my novel associated with that. My publisher very graciously agreed. My cat Buster could care less.

In fact, neither could Fluffy.

Did I mention I'm not sleeping well? I'm a little worried that nobody's going to like Broken But Not Dead. And where did I get that title! I told my editor Leanne Kruger that she could change it if she wanted. Much to my dismay it's the name of a rather bad punk-rock band. Who knew. But Leanne likes it, so...

What's amazing if my trepidation. Why shouldn't readers like Broken But Not Dead. Brendell Kisêpîsim Meshango is a remarkable character. She's smart, brave, ambitious, intelligent, and a terrific mother. All the qualities I admire in a woman. And besides, I've been writing longer than most readers have been alive. My first novel Dead Witness did well. I'm still hearing from people who loved it. Yesterday, I was at an event where a woman asked me what I did for a living and when I said, with a touch of hesitation, (in the old days I'd choke over these words) "I'm a writer," she got very excited and said she'd bought my book for her father-in-law, and he loved it!

I should go bake some more cocoa cookies. The ones I made yesterday were delicious. I'd share the recipe except it wasn't mine but one I got off the internet. You're probably wondering with only 3 cookies left what happened to the rest? I think they're in that woman's yet.



  1. Hi Joylene,
    'Yet', I wonder whereabouts that is on a woman's body? :-) LOL eh...
    I sense your excitement and the 'enthusiasm' of Buster and Fluffy.
    I reckon all will be just fine and your adoring fans will be eagerly awaiting a copy of "Broken But Not Dead".
    Your book will be nicely timed for my imminent arrival and I'm looking forward to getting a copy :-)
    Stay warm Joylene. I've been informed that there has been another massive snowstorm in BC.
    In kindness, Gary :-)
    PS, may I have a cookie?

  2. YES, you may have a cookie, Gary. You'd be doing me a favour. And the weather is horrible. It was -32 C this morning. We received over a foot of snow yesterday. No far today... I'm crossing my fingers. I have to go to the city on Thursday and clear roads would be nice. Have a great week.

  3. You've tickled my funny bone, Joylene (and no, I don't think it's any where close to my 'yet'). Still giggling!

    I'm sure your apprehension over BBND's upcoming release is going to be totally unfounded, but it seems like every author worries that each new book won't be as well received as the one before. Maybe it has something to do with growing as a writer -- increased knowledge born of experience -- and having greater expectations for yourself. I've read the six sample pages and the catalogue blurb, and am convinced it's going to be a great read! Quit worrying! Indulge in more chocolate cookies. (I'm baking bread today.)

  4. thanks so much, Carol. SO, if anybody asks I'll just tell them that Careann suggested I eat more cookies. LOL. Okay, maybe not. I'm just tried standing up and couldn't. My butt's stuck in my chair! Help!

  5. Joylene, at the rate you are worrying you'll end up consuming more cookies. That may be good for your mood, but not for your yet, I don't think.

    Good luck with the book.

  6. Trepidation. Get past that! Putting out a new book, especially the 2nd, is no different than jumping out of a plane, swimming with sharks, or sitting down to dinner with cannibals (which is cool when they have cookies to offer). BBND will be great. If it's not, I'll be sure to post awful reviews all over the internet, take out full page "Do Not Buy This Book" ads &, on my next visit with Oprah, tell the world BBND is terrible. Whew! See? Nothin' to worry about. Can ya mail me a cookie. Big Dog Daddy loves cookies.

  7. @LOL, thanks, Grandpa. You're right. I have to be strong and quit eating so many cookies. I have to think about my yet.

    @Dave, hey! I'd mail cookies, but unfortunately there are none left. Well, there is one, but didn't Deb say you had to watch your cholesterol? There's no way I'm disobeying Deb! Sorry. Oh, and thanks! I feel much better now. Say hi to Oprah.

  8. I nearly spilt the tea I was drinking when I read about a womans 'yet'! One of those cookies would go down nicely with it too.
    I'm sure you've no need to worry on the second book, I'm looking forward to reading it and seeing the new cover artwork.
    Hope you're having a great week.

  9. Hi Paul. What I should have done is titled the piece "Where on a woman is her yet?" I gather you don't know??? LOL. Oh well, guess I'll have to leave it for the scientist. Or maybe wordsmiths. Hope you have a terrific week. Thanks for the visit.

  10. Oh dear. it's too early to be having a case of nerves with 90 days remaining. Of course people will love your novel. You'll do fine...Now breathe...breathe really deep.

  11. LOL. Thanks, Laura. I know you're right. I'm just having a case of the geebeegeebees.

  12. Funny post, Joylene. Enjoy all that anticipation and excitement, but banish those negative thoughts about whether anyone will like it. <80 days will go quickly. WooHoo!


    I'm excited to see the new cover too.

  13. Hi Keith. I am getting excited, which is great because it took so long to kick in. Thanks for listening and always being there. We've come a long way, eh!

  14. Awww, your cats are so cute!
    Broken by not Dead and Dead Witness both sound great! I have just discovered that there are so many bloggers who are also great fiction writers on the web.

  15. Thanks, Pauline. We have 4 cats that were all strays. I still don't understand how people can come to the lake with a pet, then leave it here. But that's a story for another day. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy drawing.

  16. Hi Joylene .. I'm about to sit down for a cup of tea .. if I can get myself out to the kitchen to make it!

    The book really is getting closer .. and great people are still reading your other books .. wonderful -

    and yes .. I'd love a biscuit with my tea .. any left? Cheers Hilary

  17. Good morning, Hilary. But of course it's tea time there. Have a lovely day. Thanks for stopping by. Your blog was so interesting today. Hope you have lots of visitors.

  18. Hi Joylene .. thank you so much! I hope I get lots of visitors too .. Siobhan is so generous towards my interest in their work.

    Oh - I could really do a Buster or a Fluffy for a week or two .. plus the cookies and the tea and care and love and attention!! Cheers enjoy the weekend .. Hilary

  19. Joy,
    You should be a stand up comedian! Stop, my stomach hurts!!!
    I also can't believe you said, "what if nobody buys my book"! Are you kidding?? This one will be on the NYT BEST seller list for 8 months!!!!
    Love ya girlfriend!!!!

  20. Katt! How are you! I coulda been a comedian. I've often thought that. Ah, but being a Canadian means I'd have to compete with every other Canadian in the country. I think comedy is a prerequisite for living in the north. How else could we stand this cold if we can't laugh every day. Although, come to think of it, nobody else can cross their nose hairs like I can!


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