Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who Decides?

Breaking News:

It was announced this morning out of Ottawa that Prince William and Kate Middleton won't be visiting Beautiful British Columbia during their trip to Canada in June. The official itinerary includes stops in Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Ottawa,... but no B.C.. Princess Di and Prince Charles visited Prince George in 1986 during Expo. (I should probably inject that their motorcade was traveling so fast that the only glimpse we got was of a black flash of metal speeding past)

So -- Who decides which provinces they visit? Is it the government? The Queen? The happy couple? MI-6? CSIS? Anybody know? (My goodness, she's thin)

Do the Royal Couple realize just how large mosquitoes in the Northwest Terrorities are??? Are Canadian mosquitoes even allowed to bite Royalty?

Is it possible that they believe our summer weather looks something like...

This is more like it:

Turns out I'm not the only one wondering. Global BCTV has a facebook page asking viewers to urge the couple to reconsider. But that still doesn't answer my question. The writer in me needs to know: Who made this decision? After all, we're British Columbians, named after their sovereign country. What could they possibly be thinking!


  1. She IS thin! Love the photo of your deck! :)
    Happy Wednesday,

  2. Hi Joylene,
    Indeed a very strange decision not to include Beautiful 'British' Columbia as part of their itinerary.
    I also recall when Charles and Diana were grooving in Vancouver during Expo 86.
    The only reason for them giving BC a miss is they might of felt that all the parades in my honour would overshadow them! :) Anyway, forgetting about me. For goodness sake, don't they realise that you live in BC? That should have given them plenty of reason to visit.
    Take good care, Joylene.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  3. @Hi Karen. She didn't look that thin on the telly. Hmm. Have a wonderful week.

    @Gary, you're absolutely correct. I'd forgotten you would be here. Of course they don't want to overshadow your important visit. Goodness!

  4. Haha, you have a good point, Joylene, one I hadn't thought of before. I've always thought of it as simply BC. But I imagine the British roots go deep. Yes, who made this rash decision! And as for mosquitoes, I don't believe their prejudice.

  5. No fair! Who can I write to, to protest and to insist they come to your area? the mosquitoes!

    Beautiful view from the porch!

  6. Thank you so much, Carol. I'm sure if you address your letter to Kate and Will at Buckingham Palace, the Queen will surely pass it along. LOL


  7. LOL! We westerners do like to think that, as "God's country", BC is the jewel of Canada, don't we? (It is, isn't it?) I read somewhere that the royal itineraries are developed in collaboration with municipalities, provinces and private organizations. But the last time William was here (in 1998 with his father and brother) BC (Vancouver) was his prime destination, so I guess we can't complain too loudly... although Kate won't know what's she's missing!

  8. @Hi Tran. Glad you could stop by. Isn't that the best thing about the internet, it's made the world smaller and friendlier.

    @Carol, that's exactly my point. Poor Kate isn't going to see the best part of Canada, besides Manitoba, that is. What other province has Beautiful in its title! LOL.

  9. It seems a shame to me.BC is obviously very beautiful as your photographs prove.
    It's funny, enthusiasm for the wedding is very muted at the moment here in the U.K. although I'm sure once the day arrives with a national holiday and all,then people will enjoy it:)

  10. Give them a handful of your summer photos, and they'll be your house guests for a weekend.

  11. @Dang, I wish I'd thought of that, Keith. Do you think it's too late? I wonder how many people will travel to Ottawa just so they can get a glimpse.

    @Paul, I wasn't excited until I heard they'd picked Canada as their first overseas visit. I have to admit I find the whole thing charming. There's so much sadness in the world and to see Kate and William happy is a good thing.

  12. I have to confess, I am quite shamelessly excited about the royal wedding. It's probably silly of me since I'm an American. But I am a sucker for that kind of big traditional event. They look happy. I hope they can stay that way.

  13. I'm with you, Vicki. They're young, and life isn't going to be easy. Maybe loving each other will make it feel easier.


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