Monday, April 25, 2011


If a collective wish can change reality, the Canucks will win the series against Chicago tomorrow night. A miracle, maybe, but well overdue. Forty years overdue.

But that's not the miracle I want to share.

The stack of books I'm anxious to read, many of them from writers I know, is getting smaller. I may not get to them all this year, and that's bothering me. I've mentioned it a few times already, but my next novel Broken But Not Dead comes out next month: I'm swamped trying to get ready. There's also the e-book version of Dead Witness due for release in July through MuseItUp Publishing.

And while those are miracles, that's not the one I want to share.

We're expecting another beautiful, darling grand-miracle in September.

Yes, babies are born everyday, it's not particularly startling news. But, I think sometimes we're so used to something that we forget what a miracle it really is.

Miracle in my online mac dictionary reads as:

 * a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency. 
 * a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences. 

Today, on my birthday I celebrate a life growing but not yet born. A life that comes forth from my son and his lovely wife, a life that extends past my father and mother and their fathers and mothers. One more life that is a blessed miracle.

Amazing doesn't come close.

Amen to that.

ps. oops, forget to say thanks for the flowers, Judi!


  1. Happy Birhday Joylene and you're right about the miracle of life, it's something we should never take for granted.
    Best wishes to the Canucks as well, Canada's the home of Ice Hockey so fourty years is far too long!

  2. Happy Birthday, Joylene! Congrats on all the book news too!

    So many wonderful miracles; you're right, we don't want to take them for granted. (Even the hockey ones, my fave team the Flyers pulled off a bit of one yesterday to force a game 7:)

    Hope your day is great!

  3. A miracle indeed, and so very precious! Congratulations. I, too, have an ultrasound stuck on the fridge... our very first greatgrandchild... also due in September!

    Our TBR piles aren't exactly the same, although mine is daunting, too. I recognize a few that I've read. I despair of every getting completely caught up. The UPS truck delivered another package to my door at noon today.

    I'm ever hopeful about the Canucks winning. I'd love to see a Canucks versus Habs final. Wouldn't that be something?!

    And again, Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy your special day. :)

  4. @Paul, thank you. Yay Canucks! Have a great day, Paul.

    @Karen, I saw Philly player several times when we lived in Vancouver. They're having a slow year, but anything's possible. Have a great week.

    @Carol, last night's game with Chicago had my blood pressure up, I'm sure. You know you want something so badly you just assume... Yay Canucks. Congrats on your first great-grandbaby. Wow.

  5. Hi Joylene,
    Sorry I've not been visiting your blog, lately. You may have guessed I've been rather busy getting ready for my triumphant arrival in British Columbia :)
    This thoughtful posting really puts life into perspective. However, I'm getting a bit tired of staying up until the wee small hours of the morning to watch the Canucks lose. Game seven and a miracle. A baby born unto this world, a true miracle.
    And here's to the launch of your novel. And here's to another miracle in September. And here's hoping you had a most peaceful and positive birthday.
    With respect and kind wishes, your way, Gary :)

  6. Gary, reporters were out interviewing Canuck fans on their way to work this morning. One fellow told him to look closely and he could probably still see the tears. I'm still not quite sure why I need Vancouver to win so badly. I'm sure Freud could nail it. Number 7 better be their lucky number or I'm giving hockey up. Okay, that's a bit drastic!

    Happy Getting-Ready-for-Your-Big Airplane Ride!

  7. A wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. x

  8. Thank you, dear Carole. Hope you're having a lovely Easter. See you in blogville.

  9. Praise The Lord...

    Congratulations on the upcoming grandbaby - you must be excited, and Happy Birthday!

  10. Congratulations, Joylene. Grand children are the best. Exciting times for you, my friend!

  11. OMG, I've been out, and now I've missed all these wonderful things to congratulate you for!

    Happy Birthday, late!

    Congratulations on the coming grandbaby! Awesome!

    And I hope your team wins!

    Hugs to you, and hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  12. Congratulations - geez three biggies. B'Day, Grandkid, New Release. Awesome. I like your taste in books too! 'Specially that one on the top of the stack.
    GO FLYERS! (Sorry.)

    My grandmother was from Nova Scotia. If I wanted to annoy her, I'd call her a Canuck. S

  13. Happy Birthday, Joylene! I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday! What a terrific birthday present - to know that a little grandbaby is on the way! I totally agree that life is such a miracle - there's no other way to describe it.

    And enjoy as you get ready for your two upcoming book releases. I would love to be at that point in my writing career!

    Also, thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I appreciate you coming by and supporting me!

  14. @Grandpa, thanks! Hope you're having a wonderful day.

    @Laura, thank you. We're so excited. We'll be in your parts right after the baby's born. Have a super week, Laura.

    @Carol, I know what you mean. Turn your back for one moment and looks what happens. Yes, yay Canucks! Thanks, Carol.

    @Dave, you mean you were a bratty kid? I can't believe that. My grandmother was the culprit in our family. She'd call me her petite poulet. Course she'd make it sound sweet.

    @Lauren, thanks. Following your blog is my pleasure. And yes, I'm so excited about my new baby. Can't wait!

  15. Happy Birthday and congratulations on the new little life growing in your family! How exciting! What a nicely detailed ultrasounds. You can see the sweet little hand and face so clearly!

    And congratulations on your publishing too! Yeah, babies are pure miracles, but books are way cool too! :)

  16. I'm happy for you Joylene. It is truly a miracle. And I'm expecting my second great-grandchild in November.

  17. Happy birthday Joylene and great to see you are celebrating with thankfulness. Lots of miracles in your life. I love how you teased us into the main game.


  18. @Amanda, hi. Yes, I'm so excited about both that some moments I'm actually beside myself. Have a great week.

    @Barbara, thanks. I feel very blessed. Isn't MuseItUp wonderful! Have a great week, Barbara, and thanks for stopping by.

    @L'Aussie, how are you? Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your support. Have a terrific week.

  19. Your Blessings are great Joylene. Babies are always a miracle in my opinion. They change everything, and bring so much joy to our lives.

    We are celebrating a birthday in our house today also. Wishing you a wonderful day.

  20. Thank you, Susan. I'm feeling mighty blessed these days. Hope you have a terrific week. Thanks for stopping by.

  21. Happy Birthday, Joylene....and congratulations on the coming blessed event. I speak as a grandfather myself with two grandchildren.
    One is graduating from college this year and
    the other is a freshman in college. They are a joy as I'm sure you know. Good looking blog and most interesting post.

  22. Happy Birthday. And what a blessed gift. Babies truly are a miracle. Congratulations.

  23. Count Sneaky, thank you. We're very excited, more so every day. Our eldest grandson turns 21 this year. I know, where does the time go?

    Have a wonderful week.

  24. Hi Beverly. It's so nice of you to stop by. Hope things are going well for you. I love all the wonderful stuff happened at Bragging Rites. Have a great weekend.

  25. Happy Birthday, Joylene and congratulations on the anticipated birth of a new grandchild. I have 3, and they are all little miracles of life.

  26. Hi Brenda. Thanks so much for visiting. Yes, grandchildren are truly a blessing. Hope your weekend is wonderful.


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