Friday, April 22, 2011


Beginning June 1st until the 30th, Muse authors will be hosting a month long Muse Blog Conference. This is in affiliation with The Muse Online Writers Conference (details for the Oct conference coming this month)


DETAILS: To register please send an email to: 

Place MUSE BLOG CONFERENCE on the subject heading and your name and email address within the body of your post. Why? Because those that register and participate get a chance to win one of several ebooks we'll be offering throughout the month.

FOR READERS: Every day beginning on June 1st at noon, Lea will post the Featured 99cent E-book of the day for purchase. An incredible discount just for our readers for participating and supporting our Blog Conference.

Each Muse Blog Conference workshop will run for one day, where attendees are invited to post their questions, and/or exercises the presenters will be posting during their daily workshops.

For more info:


  1. Sounds great! Thanks for letting us know about it!
    Blessings for the weekend,

  2. Thanks, Karen. I hope you find the daily blogs helpful. Happy Easter.


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