Monday, May 16, 2011

Oprah & James Revisited

Something interesting happened on the way to the chesterfield today. A friend called and told me Oprah was revisiting James Frey. I won't go into the backstory because I'm sure you've all heard. What I learned was ... during the interview Oprah said someone she admired deeply called after the show was aired and asked her how dare she rake James over the coals the way she did. Did she think she was God? In that very moment I realized I'd quit watching her show after her first interview with Frey. Without consciously making a judgement call, I did in fact make one. I stopped watching Oprah because I felt the same way her friend did. Now I'm wondering what that says about me.

If you get a chance to view her revisit with James Frey, do. It's a remarkable testament to both of them.

Before and ..


Part two of their second interview airs today. 


  1. Thanks for sharing...I watched Part I of the "revisit" yesterday, and have set the DVR to record Part II today.

    For years, I didn't watch her show, but in this final season, I've been catching a few when she interviews someone I enjoy, or when there is something controversial, like the Frey interview. I hadn't seen the first interview with him, but of course, we all heard the brouhaha.

    Sometimes, I get the feeling that she is insightful, while other times, she seems...well, full of herself.

    And that is probably just my snarky self, since she hasn't picked one of MY books...LOL

  2. Laurel, that's exactly how I felt. What she did to Frey in that first interview was terrible to watch. But yesterday it was the "old" Oprah back. She was thoughtful and listened. It was great to see.

  3. I have to admit I've never seen either of those interviews, never get a chance to watch Oprah.

    But I do admire anyone who comes to such realizations as Oprah seems to have.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. You're so welcome, Carol. As I was mentioning I don't watch Oprah anymore but today's show was deeply moving. I thought it was well worth my time.

    Have a great week.

  5. I don't think I've watched Oprah for years... mostly because I seldom watch daytime television, but also because talk-style shows aren't my thing. So I didn't see the Frey "ambush". But I've seen a few of the video clips of the second interview. I'm not sure what it accomplished other than slaking Oprah's conscience but since I didn't see the original show, or much of this later one, I can't really comment knowledgeably.

    What the whole controversy and follow up have done, of course, is give his book more publicity, and I don't suppose he minds that.

  6. I don't know anything about this topic. Don't watch Oprah. Blah Blah Blah. What's up with the new book? That freakin' date counter thingy seems to be stuck. Get busy - get the damn book out. Sheesh!

  7. Carol, I turned off the original interview after a few moments. It was clearly an ambush and I have better things to do with my days. I hesitated to watch this new interview but a friend said I'd find it interest. And I did. What it did for me was give me a chance to cheer for a fellow writer and to see that Oprah is big enough to acknowledge when she makes a mistake.

    Great game last night, eh! Yay Canucks. Oh, I had no internet service from Tuesday afternoon until this morning.

  8. Dave, I still haven't been given a release date so I just keep changing the counter. Rumour has it the book might be ready in early June. I don't exactly know what that means.

    Hope you're doing well.

  9. I'm another one who doesn't watch Oprah so I haven't seen or heard anything about her interviews with James Frey.
    I had a similar experience with Michael Parkinson here in the U.K. when he ambushed Meg Ryan over her role in the film In The Cut. Rightly or wrongly I've never watched him in anything since!

  10. Thanks for bringing that interview to my attention, Paul. I watched it online. I think Meg definitely held her own and realized Michael was looking at the film from his generation, and not quite up to date. Oprah's interview with James Frey was an attack and was done without compassion. And what moved me was in their latest interview she acknowledged that she came to the interview angry.

    I saw The Cut and remember thinking how brave of Meg to do something so different.


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