Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How My Garden Grows

Though I was sure my garden would never grow, it did.

The before photo: June 7, 2011

versus: June 20th.

However, if you look closely you'll see I'm overrun by lupines. That's because I didn't thin them out in the spring. I did little weeding, in fact. I meant to.

Ever have one of those days months where all you want to do is sail off ...

into the sun? Well, it rained.

I'm sure you can see the parallel between gardening and writing. And yes, I'm sitting here preparing to leave on my book tour on Sunday, wondering whether I've left too many lupines in my story. Are they choking the heck out of my lilies, forget-me-nots, hostas?

Left to my own devices, I'd continue to wonder and worry -- except I had a brilliant editor and copy-editor, and they caught my mistakes!

Okay, big breath, exhale, relax. ...

By the time I return home, my garden is going to look spectacular. And I'll have tall tales to tell you about my trip -- my first official book tour.

Meanwhile, after I scrub the bathrooms, fold the laundry, weed the garden, prepare the hamburgers for the BBQ tonight, think I'll douse myself in insect repellent and enjoy a beautiful sunny day.

Ah the joy of living in the north.

Happy second day of summer, everybody!


Ps. I did get a chance to sit in the sun. What a beautiful day.


  1. Wow! what wonderful views.

    The sun is shining here in the U.K. tonight so I think I'll sit in my garden with a glass of beer.

    Enjoy your barbecue, good luck with the tour and here's to a great summer.

  2. I don't think you can ever have too many lupins! Well, I suppose that's not true if they're choking out other plants, but they're so beautiful, as is your garden. Most of the time I'm an English-country-garden style of gardener (euphemism for lazy) -- I let everything meld together in a glorious rebellion of colour. LOL.

    I see an iris there... sharing in the celebration of summer. Happy second day to you, too. (And breathe easy about that book tour; it's going to be a blast!) I'm SO looking forward to seeing/meeting you in person on Monday!)

  3. Paul, a beer sounds wonderful. ... drats, I don't have any! Well, guess it's ice-tea. I'll pretend and put it in a beer mug.

    Have a lovely sunny UK day.

  4. Carol, when I get home my lupins will have stopped blooming, so maybe the other blooms will show through. We'll see. It's hard to believe my neighbour Ida gave me two lupin plants 8 years ago. Now look at them.

    Can't wait until Monday!

  5. Beautiful garden! And wow, the lake is gorgeous. Would LOVE to sail off into the sunset.

    Best of luck on your book tour!

  6. Hi Janet. Yes, let's go sailing. There are no mosquitoes on the water!

    Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. So excited. I'm actually going to be able to post a comment!!! I've been trying to for like forever..(My slow dial-up connection sometimes just won't cooperate for days..) I'm a faithful reader of your blog, Joylene. Never doubt that..

    Love the photos. Lupines are so pretty.They are blooming here at the moment as well. Lupines always remind me that the school year is ending..

  8. Oh, Laura, it's great to see you. I know you support my blog. I also knew you've been having problems with your server. I really appreciate your support. Did I say that already. It's late here. Spent most of the day in town and hadn't planned on that. I'm loving my lupines, yes. I'll post pictures of what the front garden looks like in a few weeks. Meanwhile, thanks for commenting. And take care.

  9. Hi Joylene .. the lupins look fantastic and obviously love the spot. The lake views are spectacular - no wonder you live there .. how do you get out? By ferry presumably?

    Enjoy the book tour .. and these photos are glorious .. happy times ahead .. cheers for now - Hilary

  10. I love lupines and yours look gorgeous. You're going to have a great tour, Joy, you'll see. Relish this time. The next book will be easier because you'll know the ropes but you'll never quite re-capture the wonderfulness of this first go so savor it.

  11. Hi Joylene! Hope your book tour is loads of fun.

    I think your too many lupines are wonderful! Let me guess...she gave you one blue and one pink? I am nearly moved into a new place, where things are not yet growing, in a very hot June. Think you could mail some lupines? :)
    Best of luck on the tour,

  12. Hi Hilary. The lake is off Highway 16 about 2 km. The city of Prince George is east about 100 miles and the little town of Vanderhoof is 30 kms west. It's a lovely little town, with mostly Mennonites.

    Thanks, Hilary.

  13. Hi Vicki. Meant to email you all week. How's your mum? How's the job? How's the writing? Wish you were coming with me. I expect lots of pages to read of yours when I get home! Cheerios.

  14. Hi Sheffe. You're right: one purple, one pink. I know it looks blue in the pic. It's actually amazing how fast things grow when you're not watching. LOL. Yours will grow in no time, I'm sure. At least I hope so.

  15. Joylene, your garden is beautiful. I didn't realize you lived in BC. I got married in Victoria, couldn't believe there was a place where I didn't need to use air conditioning. It's just amazing. I'd really like to live there.

  16. Have a wonderful book tour, Joylene. I know you will charm everyone. And your garden - wow!!! It is fabuloso. I still think you are an angel living in heaven. What a wonderful spot.

  17. Hi Laila. What a small world. Victoria is beautiful. We're a lot further north, about 700 km from Vancouver. Not near as warm, but we get less rain.

    Thanks for stopping by, Laila.

  18. Hey Judy! Thanks! I'm very fortunate, yes. And blessed. And I should never forget that.

    How are you? Working on your new book? Staying out of trouble? I bet you miss Keith and Jack, huh? Yes, I do and he never lived here.

    Take care. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. Hi Joylene. Your garden looks wonderful!


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