Saturday, July 9, 2011

Broken But Not Dead, book tour highlights, pt 1

I'd like to share my recent book tour with you for two reasons. One, because I want those of you who haven't had one -- yet -- to know what they can be like. And two, because if you have done one, I hope we can compare notes after I've finished the installments.

I spent ten days prior to leaving setting up dates at ever venue available. That meant a lot of phone conversations with some very nice people; although having it on the July long weekend made things more difficult.

After I was packed and the house was semi-clean, I left at 9:30 on Sunday June 26th and drove straight through to Kelowna. Eight and a half hours later, within blocks of my destination, I got lost. I ended up driving over the bridge toward Westbank, spotted the circle, then headed back. I understand now why the locals call it a stupid circle.

The next morning, friends, who used to live in Cluculz Lake, picked me up for breakfast. I hadn't seen Val and Bob for some time, so we had a lot to catch up on. Coming from quiet Cluculz Lake, my first question was how did they cope in the big city of Kelowna? They sold their condo and moved to Keremeos.

I should have taken their photograph. I guess I was more tired than I realized.

I snuck this from Val's facebook

After lunch Carol Garvin and her dear husband Bob stopped by. They'd driven from their son's home in Armstrong just to meet me. Their granddaughter was graduating the next day, so they drove back afterward. Almost three years ago, I'd found the link to Carol's blog on the BC Federation members webpage and have been an active follower ever since. Carol is a lovely, wise, gentle woman. Meeting you, Carol was a honour.

I snuck this photo off Facebook too. I know, I'm bad. But aren't they adorable!

If you haven't checked out Carol's blog, you're missing something. Her photos and her writing are extraordinary. Read a few of her blogs entries, and you'll understand exactly what I mean. Carol is a  gifted writer.

Me & Carol

The next morning, June 28th, my best friend since high school, (10 years ago... okay 45!) Judi Broadhurst Geib took the day off work from Interior Health and went with me to meet my publisher. Lucky for me, Judi lives only an hour away. If asked, she'll tell you her job is to follow me around like a puppy dog, but the truth is, I couldn't do this without her. And frankly, I refuse to.

Have you seen the poster of Lucy and Ethel that reads: Friends Forever..? At the bottom it says: Because you know all my secrets! Haha, that's me and Judi.

While I sat and signed some copies of Broken but not Dead for my publisher, Judi snapped several pictures. 
"Smile, smile!" she ordered. Did I mention she's also bossy?

I know I made light of it at the moment, but holding my novel for the first time made me very happy.

After I was finished signing copies, Ann Doyon took shots of me signing, sitting, standing in the great room at En'owkin, standing in front of the foliage outside. Yes, I felt like a cross between a visiting aunt and a celebrity. Celebrity aunt?  I'd waited a long time for someone to tell me I was a good enough writer to publish. That kind of acknowledgment is hard to beat. 

On our way back to Kelowna, we stopped at Hooked on Books to drop off a poster for my signing in two days. As we were walking out, Judi spotted my books on the top shelf. If you look closely at the photo below, you'll see a copy of Dead Witness (tree) on the left and Broken but not Dead (red binding) on the right. That stunned expression on my face is me trying to digest what's happening. Talk about surreal. It was Judi's who made me pose for a picture. Told you she was bossy.

...Remember the time you went to your aunt's and she made you sit through a two-hour slide-show? That's it for today, folks. Part two should be up in a few days.

--Happy Book Touring


  1. WooHoo! Joylene. Keep sharing please. Can't wait for the next installment of Joylene's Big Book Tour.

  2. Oh, Keith -- thanks! I know, it was awesome. I'm just figuring that out now.

  3. You really ARE sneaky! And me "lovely, wise, gentle... gifted?" You're buttering me up for something, right? You want another book tour down here or something? Actually, that's not a bad idea. Think about it. We even have a guest room.

    It's fun hearing all the tour details. I'm sure it felt surreal. I can't imagine my writing career ever reaching that stage but I can dream. Maybe one day....

    Looking forward to reading the next installment. :)

  4. You've discovered my secret! I'm sneaky! But I'm also your slave. Except I don't do windows!

    Hi Carol. Glad I surprised you. But honestly, aren't you two cute!

    Hi to dear Bob. Or is it Dear-Bob?

  5. Hi Joylene .. great to read about - catching up with friends, blogging buddies .. and school day mates .. did you say ten years ago??!!

    Sounds as though you had fun - even if tiring .. and getting your books down from the top shelf--- I hope you duly did.

    Looking forward to reading more .. cheers for now .. Hilary

  6. Hi Hilary. The statement about it being 10 years was a bit of a ... fabrication. It was actually 45 years. But it feels more like 20.

    Thanks for stopping by, Hilary. Your blog post was fascinating. Keep up the good work.

  7. I'm so proud of you! Hugs and congratulations again!

  8. Thanks so much, Carol. That is too sweet.

  9. Bravo, Joylene!

    How simply fantastic. I would imagine you're swelling with pride at what you have achieved. It takes a huge amount of guts and a hell of a lot of perseverance to get where you are today. A published author :)

    I hope to have Broken But Not Dead on my bookshelf someday. That is, if it's sold in New Zealand?

    Great pictures. Congrats once again :)

  10. Thank you, Wendy. Yes, reality is setting in. I would bet that the shipping costs would be outrageous to NZ. Broken is on, but so far I haven't seen it on My first novel Dead Witness is being released as an ebook this year. That's thrilling.

    Thanks for stopping by, Wendy. It's always great hearing from you.

  11. I am so jealous of both you and Carol. How wonderful that you both got to meet. So, so lucky. Hey if I were any good with photoshop I think I could add myself to that photo. LOL

    It sounds as though you had a great time. Any chance of coming the the Maritimes this summer to visit family?

    Joylene, I'm so happy for you. This couldn't be happening to a nicer person.

  12. Laura! I'm going to be in Fredericton in the early fall. Our youngest is welcoming his first child into the world, and wild horses couldn't keep me away! I can't pass up the opportunity to do a signing either.

    It's 4 hours from you, I know, but here's hoping we can make something happen. That would be so wonderful.

  13. I'm getting butterflies in my stomach just reading this. How exciting, and I love the pictures. :) Thank you for sharing this experience.

  14. Thanks so much, Laila. I'm glad you enjoyed today's blog. It's fun sharing. Keeps the memories fresh.

  15. You go, baby! I can't even imagine how wonderful it was seeing those books on the store shelf! You sooo deserve all the good stuff, you worked your butt off and hung in there to prove yourself. (Can't you mail a free copy to that prof who said you'd never make it... Hee.)

  16. Love this kind of stuff! The closest I've come to this was BEA in 2008, when I signed copies of my third book, Chasing Stardust.

    We never get over that thrill!

  17. Vicki, he's probably dead now. Or I would. How's it going with you and your chicken? Hope everybody's well and you haven't hurt any of the carpenters permanently. LOL. Take care.

  18. Hi Laurel. Jeez, a third book is a HUGE accomplishment. I'm proud of you. I'm also rushing to catch up. Just started revising the last chapter of the sequel to Broken. Have a great Sunday.

  19. I am a prolific reader and I have my favourite authors. Clive Cussler, David Weber, Tom Clancy, Larry Bond, Brad Thor, Eric Flint, W.E. B. Griffin, Margret Weis and Tracy Hickman to name a few.

    I have picked out novels by authors unknown to me and had the unpleasant experience of reading from cover to cover hoping and expecting the story to improve with the turn of each page in order to live up to the storey line or review that grabbed my interest and initiated my purchase in the first place. Disappointed, the final resting place for such novels is the trash can next to my favourite chair.

    My favourite authors all have the same things in common. They can make me feel the intense heat of the desert in the middle of winter and the freezing cold of a winter ice storm in the heat of summer. They can take over my emotions and grant me the ability to shed a tear in sadness and a smile of joy as their story unfolds before my eyes.

    I recently added Joylene Nowell Butler to that illustrious list of my favourite authors, not because I am your brother but because I could not bring myself to put your book down.

    Keep it up little sister.
    You are good!

  20. Great! Now you made me cry. Thanks big brother. I think you're pretty damn special yourself. Awesome, too.

    Love you.


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