Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book Giveaway

In honour of my mother-in-law Veronica Cole and in appreciation of my followers, I'm giving away a copy of my first suspense thriller Dead Witness and my newest release Broken but not Dead.

Thank you to everyone who attended Broken but not Dead's book launch at Books & Company Saturday July 16th, two days after Veronica passed away. Yes, it was difficult time for the family, but our friends made it special. Thanks, everyone.

 The Cluculz Lake contingency: L-R: Ralph Butler, Roy Spooner, Carmie Webster, Betty Danroth, Bev Winter, Tim Timmerman, Anne-Marie Spooner, Jo Timmerman and Marion Davis.

Speaking in front of anyone isn't in my comfort zone, but those attending were wonderful. They even laughed at my jokes.
Local reporter Allan Wishart attended

My dear friends Donna and Carmie
Lots of books to sign

and sign...

and sign. Yahoo!
It was a wonderful day. Thank you, Nicole!

The rules are simple: leave a comment and if you're not a follower, click on JOIN THIS SITE on the right hand side. Specify which book you'd like, Dead Witness or Broken but not Dead, then check back on Saturday, July 30 to find out if you're a winner. Thanks for your support!

Remember, you have to be a follower for a chance to win a book.

Rest in peace, grandma.

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  1. Lovely to see the photos of your launch at Books & Company... and the giveaway is a wonderful way to honour your MIL. I'm sure she was proud of how you pursued your writing dream and of your accomplishments. (I don't need to be included in the draw since I have both books.)

  2. Carol, you are too sweet. I'm sticking you in the draw anyway. A friend will go through the comments and choose. That way I don't feel drawn by biases.

  3. What a nice tribute to Veronica.
    Well, I'll sure not turn down a try to win Broken But Not Dead!

    I have Dead Witness and LOVE it, have cherished this first book by you!

    Congratulations again!

  4. Thanks, Carol. It just occurred to me that I know so many wonderful "Carols". What a blessing.

  5. Hi Joylene .. not a Carol this time! .. I'd love Dead Witness .. as I hope I'll be ordering Broken but not Dead .. when you let me know where?!

    Carol Zampa's comment rings out loud and clear .. obviously Dead Witness is an excellent read too ..

    Me follow already!

    The book launch looks fun - quite a few people and supporters .. and as Carol JG says I'm sure the family above would be so proud of you ..

    Congratulations on all you've achieved .. and I hope Saturday went serenely too .. with thoughts and a hug - Hilary

  6. I'm already your follower, and I'm sure all your writing is awesome, so I don't have a preference. That was a great book signing and I'm glad you posted the experience. I learned much. :)

  7. @Hi Hilary, my publisher said they ship to the UK. I think Amazon.ca and Books & Co do too. But I'll find out for sure. Thanks for your continuing support. It means a lot.

    @Hi Laila. Thanks for always commenting and letting me know you're there. It's wonderful. You're automatically entered.

  8. Sounds like it was a great day, only marred by your Mom in laws passing. Sorry about her, may she rest in peace. Glad though that your event was a success.

  9. Lovely to see something of the book signing and going so well. Hugs..

  10. Thank you, Anthony and Hilary. It was a great day despite our loss. I'm sure Grandma would have cheered me on if she'd been there.

  11. Hey Joylene,
    What a thoughtful gesture in honour of the memory of your beloved mother-in-law, Veronica.
    Delighted to note your book launch went so well. And always a plus when someone laughs at jokes. I usually get stunned silence :)
    You know I'm a big fan of yours (must get back on that diet) and an avid 'follower' of your blog. Gosh, I'm like starstruck knowing a legend like you, eh :) Now then, if I was the winner of this here contest, I'd sure like a copy of 'Green Eggs and Ham', I mean, 'Dead Witness'.
    Peaceful wishes to you and your loved ones.
    In kindness, Gary.

  12. Honestly, how could anyone resist you, Gary, and your wonderful complimentary comment. LOL. It's hard to be bias, so I give a list of names to a unbiased friend who chooses the winner. I wish everyone could win, but ... alas.

  13. Hi Joylene,
    It's your poet friend Lindsay Brumwell. I love the photos of your book launch! I am glad you had such a good turn out! I would love to win a copy of one of your books. Either one would be just fine with me! I look forward to reading your wonderful writing, and hope to work with you in the near future!
    Cheers, and happy writing!

  14. Hi Lindsay. How are you? Busy with babies, and still writing, I hope. Thanks for entering. Good luck!

  15. Thanks for sharing. So sorry for your loss. But I know she's smiling down and proud of you.
    C.K. Volnek

  16. Thank you for your kind words, Charlie. Hope your week is going well. Best of luck in my little giveaway.

  17. Big hugs to ou and Raph and Family..hope your all doing ok. I would like either of your books BUT if i have to chse one only, I guess it will ahve to be dead Witness...lol
    Hope your having a good week. :-p

  18. Brenda, great to hear from you. Hope you're doing great. Come and visit! Wait for it to stop raining though.

    You're in the contest. Good luck.

  19. Congratulations and your launch and signing seem like a wonderful success.

  20. Thank you, Shopgirl. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with the giveaway.

  21. Joylene, how wonderful to do a book giveaway in honor of your MIL. It looks like everyone had a great time at the book signing. What a great turn out.

    If I'm picked as a winner, I'd say surprise me on the book you send. I'd like to read both of them, so I'd be happy to receive either one.

    Both of your books are on my TBR book list.
    : )

  22. I love all the pictures. How fun that people were lined up for you to sign their books. I cannot even imagine what that must feel like.

  23. @Hi Susanne. You're down for a chance at both. Thank you for all your support. Have a great day.

    @Donna, thank you for stopping by and helping me honour my MIL. The book launch was a surreal experience. I kept wishing my parents could have been there to see it.

  24. What a wonderful tribute to Veronica. That's beautiful!

    I'd love to have your new release, Broken But Not Dead. I'm so looking forward to reading it! :)

  25. Your name's in the draw, Amanda. Best of luck. And have a nice dry day.

  26. Joylene, I'd be happy for either book. And I might have messed up my photo when I clicked the "Join this site" button.

  27. Hi Phyllis. Glad to have you. Best of luck.

  28. Looks like you had a great launch. I'm sure you're excited. Talking in front of a crowd isn't my cup of tea either. Best of luck with book sales.

    If I'm chosen for a free book, the new release would be my first choice, but I'd be happy to have a copy of your first book.

    Best wishes,

  29. I love book launches! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Joylene. I enjoyed seeing all the photos.

  30. What a wonderful tribute, Joylene. From the photos it looks like you had a good turn out!

  31. Cher, Laura, and Karen, thank you. I've entered you all in the draw. Hope your weekend is great.

  32. I would love to win a copy of Dead Witness. I ordered Broken But Not Dead.
    Suzanne :)

  33. Beautiful photo's. My sympathy - and congratulations for the booklaunch!.

  34. @Hi Suzanne. I'm happy to put your name in the draw. Hope your day's dry. Hugs.

    @Hi David. Great review on your blog today.


  36. Hi Hotcha. I'm glad you were able to participate. Good luck.

  37. Lovely tribute, Joylene, very heartfelt. I recall attending my stepdaughter's graduation from U. of BC several years back, thinking what a great break from the early TX heat. I 'bout froze to death! =)I'd love to read either of your books. Best of luck in your career.

    Joelle Walker
    Editor, Muse Publishing

  38. Thank you, Jodi, and welcome to my giveaway. Best of luck.

  39. Joy,
    I am so happy for you and so proud of you! I was there in spirit----wish we lived closer! My prayer is that you will be on the NYT best seller list for 10 weeks-- okay that's just for starters!
    Love you

  40. Dear Katt, you are a true sweetheart. Thank you. And good luck in the giveaway. hugs.

  41. Congrats on your book launch!

    I'd love to win your book if it's not too late to enter. I'm a new Follower.

    susanjreinhardt AT gmail DOT com

    Susan :)

  42. Thank you so much, Susan. Of course you have time to enter. Good luck, and thanks for stopping by.

  43. Sorry for your loss and gratz on your book launch. I would love a copy of the first book and will look out for the second!
    Leslie (dot) sussan (at) verizon.net

  44. I'm loving all the people who came out to support you at your book signing! You deserve it! Enjoy this time!!!!!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! With all of your publishing experience, it's great to see that I'm on the same page as you when it comes to our thoughts on exclusive vs. simultaneous submissions.

  45. Hi Lauren. Yes, we're definitely on the same page. I hope you receive great success. Thanks for your continuing support.

  46. Thanks for entering, Susan. Have a super Sunday.

  47. Bravo, Joylene! An exciting time for you.


    James Conroyd Martin
    Author of Push Not the River

  48. Thank you so much, James. Best of luck with your career.


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