Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Host: Vanderhoof Public Library

I'll be at the Vanderhoof Public Library tonight at 7 PM (Sept 15) reading from my novels Dead Witness, Broken but not Dead and my current WIP Omatiwak: Woman Who Cries. If you're in the area, do stop in. Did I mention I baked chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal raisins cookies?

 Meanwhile back at the lake:

A beautiful day and Fluffy took the opportunity to rest under the shade of a birch tree.

In the skies above, a lone jet headed to Vancouver.

Then the sun set...


across the country, Blake slept peacefully.

Happy Reading. How was your evening?


  1. Your library is a very charming building! I don't recall ever seeing it, or I probably would have mentioned it in my novel. Enjoy your evening reading.

    Beautiful lake photos, Joylene... beautiful baby photo, too. :)

  2. Hi Joylene ... great - I hope the reading is successful .. and you had fun. Mind you how you can leave Fluffy, or the lake - I'll never know .. or for that matter .. jump on a plane to cuddle Blake?! Enjoy the thought and the pics .. beautiful to see .. Hilary

  3. I would give anything to be able to be there for the reading!

    Seriously, I really would love be be there to hear you read, to meet you.

    And what a beautiful baby pic! As well as the peaceful day at the lake!

    Enjoy the reading!

  4. @Carol, the library isn't that old. Maybe it wasn't there the last time. Oh, it's one road over from the main drag. It does have a nice facade that I think invites people in.

    @Thanks Hilary. I'm going to have a lovely evening. I just know. Rained last night and may possibly rain tonight so that's always a good time to think "books".

    @Carol, I wish you were here too. And vise versa. Have a super Thursday.

  5. So I'll meet you at the library at 7:00..wish I could. It'd be exciting to listen to you read from your book. You should consider having someone tape you and then put it on your blog. And Fluffy and Blake look cute, and the scenery is amazing. :)

  6. Great pictures, and best of luck at your reading tonight! :)

  7. Thanks, Laila. I've been told to do a recording. Let me put it this way. I do the men's voices justice.

    On a good day I sound like a fog horn in heat.

  8. Thank you, Carrie. Hope you have a great week. I'll be thinking of you all while I'm munching on cookies and trying to read at the same time. Oh, I forgot I'm not suppose to do that anymore.

  9. I hope you had a wonderful reading (and cookies).

    The area you live in is beautiful! We need a writer's retreat up there. Nature can be very inspiring (at least to me).

    Congrats again on your signing,
    Concilium, July 2012

  10. Michelle, thanks for stopping by. Congratulations on your upcoming publication.

    We do have a retreat in Smithers in October at the Driftwood Lodge. It's breathtakingly beautiful and a great place to be. It's the "Rural Writers in Residence" retreat.

  11. Gorgeous baby and gorgeous sunset. I hope you get many sales at your reading, Joylene. I love your video book trailer.

  12. @Wendy, thanks. Especially for taking time to watch my book trailer. I know, it's dang good, eh? Makes me proud to be associated with the publisher. They really nailed the book.

    @Katt, you cutie. How are you? Come to New Brunswick with us and we'll take turns gooing over Blake.

  13. Lovely pictures. I'm particularly jealous of your view. I think I'd be able to write some wonderful things while gazing over that lake.

  14. Hey, Joylene! I always love to see the photos that you take of the lake at your house. It makes me want to be there everytime.

    And how wonderful that you get to read your work at the library! I think that's a great way to get your name and your work out there - for free (I assume)!

    Thanks, too, for your great thoughts on my blog earlier today! It's always great to see you!

    Take care!

  15. @Thank you for the nice compliment, Cheryl. LOL As if I'm responsible for the view. But I love that you enjoy the photos. It renews my own gratitude for such a lovely scene.

    @Lauren, you are so welcome. Thanks for inspiring me to blog about my experiences marketing. I was actually of the mind that I'd bore people. But you're right. I need to do this. It's what I would have liked when I first started. Unfortunately, there was no internet in those days. Cheers. Hope your weekend is great.

  16. Wonderful photos. Hope the library reading went well. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the entertainment, and of course the cookies.

    Best wishes,

  17. Thank you, Cher. It was a lovely evening. I sure enjoyed myself. I'm going to blog about it tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend.


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