Friday, October 14, 2011

Blake Attends His First Book Reading

I have a renew admiration for parents with babies. I can't imagine how you find time to blog, work & write while seeing to your child's needs. I met a couple here in Gagetown with two small children, the mother works full-time and the father has already completed 3 deployments in Afghanistan. Neither one of them complained.

And to think I thought I was doing good when I took time out from doting on Baby Blake to sneak in a reading at the Oromocto Library in New Brunswick.

I'm glad I did. Oromocto is a lovely community with a great support system. Twelve people attended my reading, and I sold 5 books. The highlight of the evening was the question and answer period. People were genuinely interested in my journey to publication.

Which reminds me, once I'm finished doing my mama thing, I'll be back home with the 3rd installment of how I became a published author.

--happy parenting


  1. I love the photo of you and Baby Blake. How wonderful that you were able to visit.

    Sounds like a great time at the library, Joylene. Wish I could have been there.

  2. I'm not at all surprised that the visitors want to hear your story. It's inspiring!

    Oh, what a beautiful picture of you and Blake.

    Looking forward to reading more as you share your experience with becoming published.

  3. This is my first look at baby Blake and that picture of the two of you is truly beautiful.
    Have a great week.

  4. Grandma and baby make quite the sight. He looks so tiny. :) I'm sure he'll be your biggest fan.

  5. Hi Jolene .. great that you were able to do a book reading while you were away .. and lovely photos of Blake and you .. especially the bat ears .. hope Blake doesn't inherit those??!!

    Congratulations and I love reading about your path to publication etc ..

    Cheers for now - Hilary

  6. Laura, Carol, Paul, Laila, and Hilary, thank you very much. It was a great evening at the reading, and the entire trip was awesome. Glad you're all doing so well.

  7. Joylene, he is such a sweet little man! You must be having such fun with him! :)

  8. Hi Karen. I was having so much fun, but then I had to come home. Dang. I could have stayed til the cows came home.

    Hope you're doing well.

  9. You two look so sweet! And congrats on your reading and selling 5 books! You've gotthis marketing thing down-pat!

  10. Thank you so much, Lauren. Your encouragement is one of the reasons I love this blogging thingy. LOL. Seriously, if nobody came it wouldn't be near as fun.


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