Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another great interview: HANK QUENSE

Hank Quense new novel, Zaftan Miscreants: Book 2 of the Zaftan Trilogy became available on October 15, 2011. He's back to answer some questions on this book.

Tell us about your new book
The Zaftans and the folks from Gundarland are at it again. This
time, the encounter is in deep space and two powerful fleets of warships face off. While the fleets challenge each other, a pair females struggle to survive. Sam is a new type of android with an organic brain. She is perplexed by her unexpected ability to experience emotions. Her primary one is loneliness caused by the officers she is supposed to work with. They treat her with contempt. Klatze, a young and beautiful zaftan officer (see portrait in her dress uniform) blessed with talent and ability -- unheard of in the zaftan navy -- comes to the attention of the fleet's commodore, Gongeblazn. He lusts after her and her continuous refusals to have sex angers the commodore and his lust turns to thoughts of vengeance.
Sam and Klatze each face unique situations that test their mettle and their desire to survive in the midst of chaos.

What's different about this book? Why should people buy it?
Zaftan Miscreants offers a wealth of unusual characters. The four main characters are an android, a ship's computer, a beautiful alien who is a societal misfit and another alien who is a well-adjusted murderer. If that isn't enough, one minor character is an ancient robot who is a religious fanatic and is the one who paves the way for the appearance of the Mechanical Messiah. I'd say that defines 'different'.

Does the book have a reader's guide to help book clubs discuss the novel? 
Yes, it does. The guide is designed to help reading groups delve deeply into the philosophical issues addressed by my book and characters. Here are two questions from the guide.

1) Is Klatze suffering from delusions of grandeur because she thinks that she has "ability". Does she need intensive indoctrination in the arts of assassination and treachery to get her to fit in with normal zaftan society?

2) The author seems to have an unhealthy fixation on the repulsive aliens. Is this an indication of a mental disorder? Can it be caused by an incident in his childhood? How would Freud diagnose the problem? What would he recommend to alleviate the situation?

Does this book pick up where Book 1 left off? 
No. Book 1 sets up the initial contact between the two worlds and leaves both with the felling that it is only a matter of time before there is a war. Book 2 starts 300 years later and continues the mistrust that permeates relations between the two worlds.

Zaftan Entrepreneurs: Book 1 of the Zaftan Trilogy was filled with humor and satire. Does it continue in Book 2? 
Even if I wanted to, I can't write stories any other way. So yes, Zaftan Miscreants is filled with humor and satire.

Where can we get a copy?
I'm glad you asked that. I have a complete list of sellers on my website:


  1. Enjoyed the interview and the intro to Hank. Thanks, Joylene! You are helping broaden my horizons. :)

  2. Nice to meet you, Hank! And what an interesting world you've created in your books!

  3. Ah hello Hank,
    Me thinkest that the Zaftans and the folks from Gundarland may have gone for a cruise around our Solar System, took a wrong turn at the Asteroid Belt and ended up on Uranus.... interesting interview and well done Hank Quense :)

  4. I go away for a couple weeks and you change everything around in my absence! I thought I was lost for a moment. ;) The blog looks great, Joylene. Good interview, too. It sounds like Hank has created a fascinating cast of characters.

  5. Thanks all. Yes, i do have to cope with these "Strange Worlds" and it's a full time job keeping up with the inhabitants. They keep trying to sneak off and do and strange stuff

  6. Wow, the photo looks awesome, Joy. I like it a lot!

  7. @Karen, what a nice thing to say. I hope you have time to go back and see Hank's other interviews on my blog. I promise you'll enjoy yourself.

    @Hi Carol. Glad you could stop by. I'm betting you'll be hearing more about Hank in the future. Have a great week.

    @Gary, it sounds like you know your galaxy. LOL. Thanks for visiting, young fellow.

    @Carol G, I needed a change. I'm still not sure. But aren't the hills in the background spectacular? Hope you have a wonderful week.

    @Hank, it's always fun having you here. Hope you'll make this a permanent stopover on all your tours.

    Thanks everyone!

  8. Thanks, Vicki. Hope you're happily writing.

  9. I love it! It sounds like one of those books I would read before even having to read the first book. And I do enjoy strange characters. You've been doing a lot of cool interviews lately. :)

  10. Thank you, Laila. I'm glad you think so. No, actually, I'm thrilled you do. Have a great week.

  11. HI Lailla
    You're correct, you don't have read Zaftan Entrepreneurs before you read the Miscreants. The second book starts 300 years after the end of the first one

  12. That's great to know, Hank. Thanks. I'm trying to figure out how to handle my sequel. It's not going to work as well if the reader reads it before Broken but not Dead. Ah, but that's a problem for another day.

  13. I enjoyed the interview with Hank and as always I'm really impressed by the way you writers support each other. It's one of the great aspects of blogging.
    I like your sites new look by the way Joylene. The background picture is beautiful and the blue colour scheme seems appropriate, as we prepare for the onset of winter.
    I hope you have a happy Thursday.

  14. Thanks, Paul. I was playing around with some of the new templates. I actually have no idea where the background photo was taken from.

    Have a wonderful, dry week. Lots of snow here.


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