Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm a guest at Adriana Ryan's blog

I'm delighted to announce I'm over at Adriana Ryan's blog today, answering some very interesting questions. Hope you can stop by.

Meanwhile... Go BC Lions Go!

--happy blogging


  1. Hey Joylene,
    I shall check your answers to some very interesting questions a little later on.
    Of course, I have my priorities. A certain matter of watching the Grey Cup. Roar you Lions Roar! :)

  2. We've got some pretty awesome comments there, haven't we? :) You're a rather popular writer, Joylene, and with good reason. :D Thank you for stopping by my blog for this week!

  3. Heading on over to check it out. I'm watching the Grey Cup game on TV with my laptop on my lap. :)

  4. @Gary, you're forgiven. Yay BC!

    @Adriana, don't make me blush! My wrinkles stay white, and well, the effect isn't pretty.

    @Carol, good girl. Yay BC. I say that but to tell you the truth it doesn't matter. I was born in Manitoba and grew up in BC. Yay Teams!

  5. Hey there, Joylene. Hope you're doing well. I left you a comment on the other blog. :)

  6. Laila, that's a creepy commercial, indeed. Haven't seen it yet. What's the world coming too! Obviously poor imaginations, hence the help from an app. LOL

  7. What a wonderful interview. Some really great questions and answers. Left comment on interview page.

    Best wishes,

  8. Thanks, Cher. Much appreciated. Hope your week's great.

  9. Just finished reading the interview and leaving a comment. Have a wonderful day!

  10. Much appreciated, Susanne. And YAY about NaNo


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