Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Journey Reader: Excerpt: Broken But Not Dead by Joylene Butler

I'm late with this. Lea Ryan was kind enough to put an excerpt of my novel up on her blog. Hope you can stop by, say hello, and check out the many other guests she'd had on her blog.
ps. Meanwhile, enjoy a photo of our newest family member. Blake's a hoot like his dad.

Journey Reader: Excerpt: Broken But Not Dead by Joylene Butler: When Brendell Meshango is terrorized by a deranged masked man for two long days, she thinks it's racially motivated. When he threatens her d...


  1. Hi Joylene,
    Yes, it's me, your shy and humble starstruck fan, Gary.
    I saw your link in regards to this on 'Farcebook', everyone's favourite social 'notworking' site. In fact, not only have I shared this on my Farcebook page, you have another adoring starstruck fan who duly commented on my shared link.
    I shall go check out Lea Ryan. Too think, shy and humble me, will grace that site. Gosh eh :)
    Oh, hi Blake. What an adorable photo. Cute smile :)
    And speaking of deranged, without the mask, I'm outta here....
    Your adoring fan, Gary...

  2. Oh humble fan, I thank you. I'd wash your windows for you in return if I lived closer. Okay, so I'm cleaning them in spirit. Hope they're sparkling clean.

  3. Oh, I LOVED the excerpt! VERY gripping!
    And Blake grows cuter every day!

  4. thanks, Carol. Hope your day goes perfectly.

  5. Hi Joylene! Oh, look at how cute and chubby Blake has gotten. You must be totally love struck. Have a great weekend. :)

  6. I am, Laila! My little cuddle-bug pooping machine is just so kissable, even if he's 2500+ miles away.

  7. I'm heading over to read the excerpt now. I like it when an author puts an excerpt online, so that readers can get a sense of his/her writing style.

    And Blake? Too cute!

  8. Hi Lauren. I got to see Blake online today. He's too cute for words. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Hi Joylene .. I'm behind the curve .. in more ways than one .. but Blake is just a joy to behold .. wish he was nearer for your sake ... look after yourself - cheers and a big hug or two Hilary

  10. Hilary, I'm behind too, so I understand. And yes, I miss Blake madly. But I get to see him in January. Blessings.


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