Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembrance Day: 11/11/11

Their sacrifice was not in vain. This day I'm very grateful for the newest member of our family. 


  1. It's Remembrance Day here in the UK too with a nationwide two minute silence being observed at 11 A.M.

    "Age shall not weary them. Nor the years condemn".

  2. I actually knew that because my grandmother was born in the UK. She was a traditional English grandmother. If there is such a thing. A lovely, kind, gentle woman.

    Thanks for reminding me of her, Paul. Hope your day is filled with peace.

  3. Paul's saying is so perfect. My husband's Uncle Frank was in the Invasion of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. We made a trip to Europe specifically to travel in his footsteps. It was inspirational beyond words. (Have goosebumps now thinking about it.) There are so many beautifully kept cemeteries in Europe. My hub's very knowledgable about the battles so we stopped at a Canadian cemetery (as there are granite walls with battle descriptions to study). The red and blue lines are beyond me, so I walked among the graves. A custodian was pruning a flowering bush. I walked over. He wordlessly handed me the pruned flowers, about eight. As I returned to the cemetery's magnificent entrance, i randomly placed the flowers and said a prayer. So young, so very young! But proudly we remember!

    Thank you for your interest in "Remy Broussard's Christmas." Since it's a Christmas story, there is a happy ending. However, if there is enough interest in Remy, I'd like to write a story that involves Remy with African-American sharecroppers. They lived far worse. Remy's a child and can only carry so much, but the message can still be there.

    Happy Canada Day Weekend!

  4. Hi Joylene .. love the photo - and Paul's quote is just wonderful: "Age shall not weary them. Nor the years condemn."

    So true .. Remembrance Day is for reminding us of our heritage and our forebears .. thank you - Hilary

  5. @Kittie, thank you for sharing that story. It must have been very moving. Our son was at the VN wall in Washington. Since I was a teenager I wanted to go. It was eerie that my son stood there in my place.

    @Hilary, I agree. That's why I'm so enamoured of poets. They explain history in ways I would like to, but can't. The beauty of their words will never die. Thanks for commenting, Hilary.

  6. Thank you for the reminder and for sharing the beautiful picture of your family.

  7. Thank you for all your support, Carol. Hope your week is fabulous.


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