Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter Anybody? Or maybe a FREE ebook?

You can still catch me over at Adriana Ryan's blog. If you haven't stopped by, please do; besides me, Adriana has a lot to offer. The other authors on her roster are fascinating. And if you don't know Adriana, you're in for a treat. She's a super lady with a crazy sense of humour. Her interviews crack me up.

If you happen to live below the 49 parallel and you're chilly, check out my morning photos of Cluculz Lake's winter wonderland.

Honestly, don't you feel toasty warm already?

We all know what solitary lives writers lead. Unless you're collaborating with another writer, life is often quiet. Too quiet sometimes.

That's why I jumped at the chance to make a snowman with my buddy Patty. Hers is named Ida, because she looks like our beloved friend, neighbour and poet, Ida Cutler. Ida passed away in 2004 at the age of 91. We miss her badly.

I named mine Ralphie because he sort of looks like my husband, Grumpy Ralph.

Thanks, Patty. Building a snowman was a nice reprieve and a lot of fun. I'm particularly proud of his scarf. Who'd have thought Joylene could actually do crafts? Wow.

Now it's back to work.

Here's what is happening in December:

Dec. 5 - Ask PZM, Phyllis Zimbler Miller is back with an interesting answer to the pros and cons of reviews.

Dec. 5 - That same day, I'm a guest on Cheryl Malandrinos' blog, The Book Connection.

Dec. 7 - Laila Knight is my guest for the day.

Dec. 8 - I'm being interviewed by whacky Miss Mae of Gum Drop Island.

Dec. 10 - Author's Luncheon at Hobson Museum.

Dec. 11 - the consummate author and writer, Penny Ehrenkranz is my guest. Penny's newest novel is titled Lady in Waiting. 

Dec. 12 - I've an interview with Killarney Sheffield's blog, Stalking Authors.

Dec. 20 - Katherine Swarts's monthly column airs.

If you're looking for exposure for your book, couldn't hurt to check these sites.

Now for the fun part. If you're a follower of this blog and you liked a free copy of my e-book Dead Witness, (it would make a super Christmas gift) leave a comment and I'll stick your name on this post. Someone, other than me, will pick the winner Sunday, Dec. 4th. If you're not a follower, just click the Follow this site button, leave a comment, and voila, you're in the draw.

--good luck


  1. Winter may have arrived in Cluculz but it's still unusually mild here in England. I'm still wearing shorts on my daily mail deliveries!!
    As always I enjoyed your photographs and I like your snowman too.
    Enjoy the rest of your week Joylene.

  2. Those swans are lovely to see. Were you celebrating the snow with the snowmen? They're very cute, altho' I'm betting Ralph isn't really that grumpy. ;)

    You have a great December schedule lined up. I haven't made it over to Adriana's blog yet. Heading there now.

  3. @Paul, how awful for you. Shorts! LOL. You poor dear. Well, if you need warming up, you know where our fireplace is. Happy middle of the week.

    @Carol, that's exactly what we were doing: celebrating the snow. While I was at Patty's it snowed, there was a mini blizzard, the sun shone, it snowed again. LOL. Just about everything you could think of.

    Thanks for stopping by, you two.

  4. I love those photos. You live in a magical place, no matter how cold it gets in winter. I envy you that. Down here in balmy Missouri, we're finishing the nicest November I can remember, and at my age, there are a lot of them to recall.
    We also have had lots of folks who've worn shorts until this week. Mine went under lock and key a month ago, to reappear in four months (if we're lucky). LOL

  5. Thanks, Pat. I love it here. I've never been to Missouri, but it's one of the places my DH wants to see, after he gets his fill of Yukon and Alaska.

    Thanks for stopping by, Pat.

  6. Hey, lady.
    Oh, what beautiful pictures!
    And I love your snowmen and sending hugs to Snowman Ralphie.

  7. Carol, my darling, thank you. Hugs back!

  8. Hi Joylene.

    Beautiful view! The snowmen are cute...I like that you married them off. :)

    Are we still on for Dec 7? If so, please email me and let me know. :)

    Also, now that I'm getting an ereader, I would love to be in the drawing. :)

  9. Here in New England we had an unusual storm on October 31, 2011. At our house we had a foot in a half; but the good news is for the last two weeks its been in the 60's. Gotta love it. Marian

  10. @Laila, hi. I'm glad you stopped by. I'm sure you'll love your ereader. They're great. Sadly, I made the mistake and lent mine to my DH.

    @Hi, Marian. We've had several wind storms, so I'm actually surprised that the snow is still here. Or maybe that's because it keeps snowing. Duh. At any rate, thanks for visiting.

  11. this is my first visit to your site. lovely pictures. we only see snow here about three times a winter, plenty for me. it's beautiful to look at but when it comes to tracking in and driving, I can pass. lol.

  12. Welcome, Larion. I'm glad you stopped by. Did I mention I love the cover of your book? Intriguing. And I don't blame you for bypassing winter driving. I do too if I can.

    Good luck on the contest.

  13. Beautiful pictures, but I'm glad to get my fill of cold through photos now.

  14. Keith, I'm shocked! And here I keep thinking of you trekking through the snow so you can go screaming 100K down a mountain covered in snow and ice.


  15. Your photos are like postcards, Joylene, absolutely beautiful. We're a bit chilly in Virginia, but not as cold as it should be this time of the year.

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Dead Witness. But I just purchased a copy - I love how you write and all that work about Seattle teases interest, a winning combo!

  16. Beautiful winter pictures. It is chilly here, but no snow ever!
    I would love to receive a free copy of Dead Witness.
    Have a wonderful day!

  17. @Oh Lord, Kittie, now I'm panicking. Deep Breath. Thanks for purchasing a copy! You dear girl. Please let me know what you think. I'm off to shake in the corner now.

    @Anne, you're entered. Best of luck. And thanks so much for stopping by. Have a lovely day. Is that a photo of you on the beach, you lucky bum!

  18. Oh gosh, I love Grump--er--I mean, Ralph! :D And thank you for the lovely compliments, dear Joylene. You are too sweet.

    You know, your home looks like it belongs on a postcard! It would make a lovely holiday card, too. Just gorgeous.

    BTW, as you know, I've been reading your book non-stop since Tuesday, so I don't need to be entered. I tweeted about it - it's AMAZING! People, if you don't read this one, you're missing out!! I can't wait to finish it - the suspense is keeping me up past my bedtime. LOL. :D

  19. Adrianna, what a wonderful thing to say. Thank you. You are just too sweet. (Oh, I sent your cheque but I have a uncomfortable feeling I got you and Cher mixed up. If so, could you readdress and send hers to her? Thanks. I'll tell her the same thing. Cher...?)

    Seriously, the plug is awesome! Thanks! Yes, you're in my will now too.

  20. The black and white photos make it look even colder in your photos. Gorgeous, but I get chills just looking at them. And, oh my, the snowmen (p c. to say snow persons?) are darling. Congrats! Put me in the drawing for the book. You have a great site here. I'm a follower!

  21. JQ, they're actually in colour. That's how cold it was. The big wind came by last night and melted most of the snow. Incredible. Here one day, gone the next.

    You're in the draw. Thanks for stopping by, eh.

  22. Oh- nice, shivery images! The poor swans. Glad I live in Florida. The snowmen are cute too.
    Your books sounds like it might warm a cold night. :-)
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Happy Holidays.

  23. Thanks for entering the contest, Martha. And thanks for having one on your blog. Happy Weekend.

  24. BRRRRRRRRRRRR--the actual color...oh my goodness...Thanks.

  25. I appreciate your sympathy, JQ. The lake will soon freeze over and the eagles will leave to fish somewhere else. I miss them and the swans. But I'm going to catch as many photos before that happens as I can. Thanks so much for stopping by. Best of luck on the contest.

  26. And the winner is... J.Q. Rose!

    Congratulations, Janet. Hope you enjoy the book. Thanks for participating everyone. I'll have another contest just before Christmas.

  27. WOW! Thank you so much. I look forward to reading your book!!

  28. I'm so glad, Janet. Email me from which ever email addy you want to use, and I'll send you your copy.

    cluculzwriter at yahoo dot ca

  29. My email is jqrose02 (at) gmail (dot) com

    I don't have yours am posting here. Thanks again.


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