Sunday, December 4, 2011

And the Winner is...

Cluculz Lake sunrise

I tried to give Winter away, but nobody wanted it. Shocking. I guess the only thing left to do is to announce the winner of my e-book Dead Witness. By the way, thanks for participating everyone. Your entries were appreciated.

Here's a brief synopsis:

Valerie McCormick is a wife and mother from small town Canada. While visiting Seattle, she becomes the only witness to the brutal seaside murder of two FBI agents. When she flees to the nearest police station to report the crime, she becomes caught up in a web of international intrigue and danger. Suddenly, she and her family are in the sights of ruthless criminals bent on preventing her from testifying against the murderer. Even with FBI protection, Valerie is not safe. Whisked away from her family and all that is familiar to her, Valerie fights back against the well-intentioned FBI to ultimately take control over her life with every ounce of fury a mother can possess.

Now it is my great pleasure to announce that the winner of my ebook is ... (drumroll, please...)

MuseItUp mystery author...


Congratulations, Janet! Thanks for entering. Contact me at your convenience and I'll send you your new ebook. 


  1. Yay, congrats!!! You're in for a feast!! :) I'm about 2/3 of the way through.

  2. Thanks, Carrie and Adriana. Hope your Sunday is great.

  3. I'm not surprised you couldn't give winter away. Who would want to pay all that postage? And anyway, it would probably melt en route.

  4. Well, dang it all, Pat, I never thought of that. How did I plan to ship Winter if anyone was dumb, I mean ... interested enough to ask?

    I'm off to find a shipper.

  5. Congrats to Janet! I'm sure she's going to enjoy this book!

  6. Me, too Laurel.

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope your week is great.


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