Thursday, December 8, 2011

I. B. NOSEY interview

News flash:  Cluculz Lake is freezing over. I know, that's generally a bad thing, but in this case it means ICE HOCKEY!

If you look closely you should see a thin film of ice...

The lake is freezing, yet it was so warm today that I let the fire in the fireplace go out. I also left the door open. It was 34 C in here. The -16C outside was so awesome! (I know, those weird Canadians)

See! Sunlight!

But the sunset was equally beautiful.

Stunning, yes. But I better turn my desk around because I'm not getting any work done.

Now for something unrelated. This is what my grandchildren woke to one morning outside the city limits of Prince George.

Three mooses. (More than one moose is mooses, eh?) One's hiding in the bush.

I love Christmas even if we have an artificial tree. It's not that I'm against supporting tree farmers, it's just that they're so far away.

Okay, now for the fun stuff...

I'm on a roll, peoples. (In Possumese that means I hope you're not sick of hearing about me and my interviews; and no I don't drink) Yesterday I was the guest on Pat Bertram's blog; today I'm at Gum Drop Island, answering some hilarious questions from I.. B. Nosey.

*NOTE: Though it would be extremely helpful, you do not need to learn Possumese to enjoy this interview!*

To say I had fun is an understatement.

In case you missed it:

--happy reading


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos and links. And I'm with you, hooray for hockey! :) Will hop over and check out the interviews.

  2. Beautiful photos, and lovely blog. :)

    Thanks for sharing with Nosey. :)

  3. @Karen, hi. Thanks for hopping over. Watch out for Nosey!

    @Mae, it was my pleasure. Thank Nosey for such a great time. He's a hoot!

  4. Good grief! You put two people with weird senses of humour together and get an interview that's enough to make me choke on my morning coffee!!! Wild!

    Love your Christmas decorations, and the view. I wonder if your ice will stay this time. :)

    P.S. I had to laugh at the word verification for this: "alimb". Do you suppose someone saw your hatchet?

  5. LOL, I wonder! And to think, Carol, at my age it takes everything I've got to swing the thing. Making karate sounds helps.

  6. Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous--though, to be honest, you had me at "ice hockey". ;) I'm off to read your interview!

  7. Carrie, a hockey player or fan? Doesn't matter. There's something very unique about watching a game outside. I seem to be able to scream longer. Go figure.

  8. Beautiful photos, Joylene.Our weather here has been very mild, despite the foot of snow we got a few weeks ago.It lasted only a few days. I

    'm heading over to check out these other blogs.

  9. Thanks, Laura. I peek at the cam overlooking the St. John River ever so often. They had what looked like heavy rains this week. Very wet and very cold looking.

  10. Hi Joylene .. I wondered when the ice was going to glisten across .. great to see - and you do have wonderful views ..

    Your grandchildren must have been chuckling at 'dem mooses .. I wonder if they eat mousse?

    Cheers enjoy the build up to Christmas .. Hilary

  11. Hilary, you're right, I forgot to have a contest to see who would guess the freezing day. Darn. Too caught up in all the action around here.

  12. Wonderful photos! Love your tree.

    I stopped by your interview and left comment, but not sure if it worked. Interesting -funny- interview.

  13. Thanks, Cher. The internet isn't cooperating much this morning. Maybe it'll pass.


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