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Interview with Theodora from Untroubled Kingdom

Dear Readers, today I need you to give a warm welcome to Theodora from the planet Keplar. Theodora is a reformed demon, once a self-professed goddess. I was lucky to find her. She's usually hiding out in Laila Knight's book Untroubled Kingdom. 


1. Tell me a little about yourself.  How did Laila come up with you?  And why are you qualified to speak on behalf of Laila and planet Keplar?

My name is Theodora.  I was a self-professed goddess once, a demon actually. Now I strive to make my way up the evolutionary ladder. Honestly, I'm trying my best to be good.  I even pass along a little bit of my wisdom to other souls.  

As for how I met Laila, well that was by accident.  As an otherworldly being I was making my usual rounds on Earth and just happened to pop in on her.  She was around twelve and had been dubbed the honorary title, Nature Girl.  She insists it was a taunt, just kids being mean, but I beg to differ.  Little did I know from that day forward I'd become the embodiment of all her secret desires.  She's always been so kind-hearted and easy-going.  And people tend to take advantage of that. 

So when she's in trouble, I leap into her mind and keep her safe.  I make her a rebel.  We have a lot in common.  Both of us were discarded on Earth by an alien race.  We have dark hair, dark eyes, and a similar stature.  I don't judge her and she doesn't judge me.  And above all, we both think Craven is super hot.

2.  In your opinion, what makes Laila's race so special?  What can you as a species contribute to planet Earth?

The people of Kepler22b are simple. They aren't biased and they don't lie. Since they exist mostly as energy, they don't fret over physical possessions. They understand that insufficiency is an illusion, a game Earthlings play with themselves. Laila's race can teach them that the universe offers endless bounty, that they can share and not horde, that a hug is ten times better than a text. But Earthlings must be willing to evolve. As a planet, Earth is still in kindergarten. And Kepler22b will not allow its barriers to be breached by anyone who is unwilling to offer love in its purest form.

3. Your creator writers Fantasy.  What made her decide on a make-believe genre?  There are tons of Earthling writers already writing in this genre. How many books does she intend on writing and what is her current writing status?  Is there a character, aside from you, that she is particularly fond of?

When Laila was a child she didn't have many friends.  See, she was always different, and the world around her left her feeling empty.  Often she would look to the stars and imagine, "What if..."  

And out of those thought came into being an entire galaxy and a story in a genre more fun than anything reality could ever offer.  It is her intention to write 10 books as a series.  The first one is called "Untroubled Kingdom"...hence the name of her blog.  Aside from me, she's mostly fond of Craven, the sexy king of Pantheas and my soul mate.

4.  If you could use one word to describe Laila, what would it be? 

Sweet. She like freakin molasses.

5.  On your behalf, I will deliver a message to the people of Earth.  What would you like me to tell them?  
Don't be afraid to recognize the beauty in yourselves, regardless of what everyone around you might think. You are all a product of divinity, amazing creatures. Embrace your greatness.  And when the time comes, the people of Kepler22b will embrace you.

Thank you, Theodora. Hope you can visit for a bit. Perhaps you'd like to participate in the ice contest?

If you'd like to hear more about Laila and the Untroubled Kingdom, here's her blog.

Interestingly, she's interviewing Valerie McCormick today. Valerie's my protagonist in my suspense thriller Dead Witness.  

Valerie McCormick from Dead Witness

-- Happy reading


  1. It was a pleasure having you as my guest today, Theodora. Hope you'll come back one day.

  2. Very nice, Joylene! I'm glad everthing fell into place. I won't be posting till next year now, so Merry Christmas. Of to blog hop now. :)

  3. Merry Christmas, Laila. This was fun. Hope your New Year is spectacular, adventurous and fun. See you next year.

  4. Who doesn't think Craven is hot? *grins* This was such a fun idea, ladies! I've enjoyed reading both of your posts. :)

  5. Hi Carrie. Yes, it was fun. Valerie and Theodora are complete opposite in every way. I like that.

    Merry Christmas, Carrie!

  6. I love Laila. And Theodora and I have been hanging out a bit lately. I've met her Craven and I kinda dig him, as well. Damon is great, but he's such a dog!

    Thanks for the great interview! I'll go on over to Laila's now.

  7. So glad you stopped by, Nancy. Theodora speaks highly of you. Which I'm thinking isn't that easy for her.

    Merry Christmas.

  8. Hi there Theodora,
    Have you learnt any Canadian? Like, how's it goin' eh!?
    Theodora, you bring wise words to this beleaguered and fragile planet. Would you be so kind as to have a word with our astronomers who had the audacity to downgrade poor Pluto in our Solar System, to no longer a major planet but just a meaningless orb wandering aimlessly around our star aka sun.
    The people on your planet of Kepler22b embrace the ideals of the magical creatures that live in my earthly garden. Yes indeed, the 'wee folks'.
    And you being a self-professed goddess, perhaps you actually come from Untroubled 'Queendom'.
    Oh hi Laila, ignore me, I'm just a shy, modest blogger. However, this shy, modest and so unassuming type blogger who is very unknown and quite right too, shall grace you with a visitation over at your site and see what's happening with Valerie.
    And hey Theodora, I recognise the beauty that lies within. I have never lost my ability to stay in tune with the sweet, innocent voice of my 'inner child'.... Embrace me good folks of Kepler22b and you, my new friend, Theodora :)

  9. Yikes n'stuff, Joylene, My comment was so good eh, it published twice! Gosh! :)

  10. So nice to meet your Laila! I enjoyed seeing your through Theodora's eyes. :)

  11. Sounds like you're an outlet for Laila...we all need a little rebel.

    A 10 book series is very ambitious! Good luck - I look forward to them. Your story sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

    Author of Concilium, available July 2012
    Concilium: The Departure, November 2012

  12. @Gary, you're down to one and a little bit. But I must agree, it was worth two copies. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope your week is wonderful.

    @Janet, hi. Thanks for stopping in and making Theodora feel at home. Just goes to show how wonderful humans are.

    @And thank you, Michelle, for taking time and leaving a comment. Hope Concilium is doing very well.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  13. Fabulous interview! What a great sounding read!

  14. Thank you, Gail. It was fun. Laila's wonderful.


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