Friday, December 16, 2011

The Lake Froze

I'm not sure if it was inevitable or a fluke. My computer crashed. Luckily I do regular backups using Time Machine. Sadly, it won't let me restore to a particularly day but instead is making me restore one app at a time. Yes, it murderous.

However, I shall fix this problem. I'm too stubborn not to. Just wanted to let you know that if you don't hear from me for a few days, no comments on your blog etc, it's because I'm battling to get back all my bookmarks, emails, links, and photos. Yes, I'm devastated that I may have lost my photos. In the back of my mind I'm thinking there must be a solution. Why else have I been backing up if I can't restore my computer? And please don't tell me I have to go back and type in every single bookmark!

While I'm feeling sorry for myself, please give a loud round of applause to Janet Johnson, who was the closest in guessing when the lake would freeze over.


We experienced a cold snap and voila, that's all it took to freeze our lake. This year it happened after daybreak so we were able to watch. The ice was so clear, I had to call a few neigbhours to see if they had frozen ice out front, or if it just looked that way from here. Without a breeze it's difficult to tell.

A couple hours before that, a fish jumped out of the water and started flopping around on the ice. He was at least one and a half pounds. My neighbour called because he knows I love to take snaps. By the time I grabbed my camera and got out to the deck, an eagle was escaping with the fish. You gotta be quick.

Thanks to everyone for participating. We'll do this again in the spring.


  1. Ah-ha, winter arrived in time for your Christmas! Congratulations to Janet. It's raining here this morning. ::sigh::

    I hope your software restoration works 100%. I have Time Machine, too, but I also back up some of my more precious files on CDs and RAM sticks. Of course, I don't do it every day, so I'd undoubtedly be moaning some losses if I had a crash.

  2. Congratulations, Janet!

    Eek. I hope you get everything sorted out with your computer, Joylene. That's such a bummer. :(

  3. Congrats to Janet! :)

    So sorry to hear about your computer issues Joylene. You have my sympathies. Love your attitude!

  4. Well done Janet!

    Sorry to hear about your computer problems Joylene. I hope actually being able to watch the lake freeze was some small compensation.

  5. Hi Joylene,
    Firstly, I'm really sorry to note your computer problem. I hate computers at the best of times.
    Hearty congrats to Janet for guessing correctly.
    And hey Joylene, soon be July :)

  6. Love the idea that you get together and each of you decides when this is going to happen :0)

  7. Oh, no! Hugs, lady, and good luck getting everything restored!

    The lake is SO beautiful.

  8. Got the last of the sushi, that eagle!

  9. Thank you so much! And thanks to that cold snap. :) I really can't wait to read Dead Witness!

    Best of luck restoring your stuff. Computer Crashes= Worst. Feeling. Ever. :(

  10. Hi Joylene .. hope the computer is getting near wholeness again .. they can be pains! Lucky Eagle .. and fast moving yes .... or like Janet - good guess! I'm way late in mine .. fickle nature!!

    Cheers - and have fun - wonderful sight to look out at .. Happy Christmas season .. Hilary

  11. A computer crash is my worst fear! Along with global

    Hope everything works out!

    What gorgeous photos of the lake.

  12. @Carol, it rained all night. It's still dark, so I'm hoping the ice didn't sink. I'll know in an hour. Thanks for the good wishes. My computer's feeling better.

    @Carrie, it still amazes me how upset I feel when my computer crashed. Silly to put so much stock in an inanimate object.

    @Karen, thanks. It's better now.

    @Paul, you're right, it was fascinating to watch the ice creep slowly to shore. The sounds were magnificent. I wish I could describe it.

    @Gary, LOL, the ice should be off by April... Okay, maybe May, but ... LOL I better not jinx myself.

    @Carole, friends are a treasure, and I'm so very lucky to have wonderful friends and neighbours.

    @Carol, thanks for the hugs. I needed them.

    @Vicki, the darn eagle couldn't wait one moment longer so I could make him famous. No. Piggy.

    @Janet, I can't wait to hear what you think. And you're so right, crashes leave a horrible sinking feeling.

    @Hilary, thanks so much. Best to your mum.

    @Laurel, thank goodness I backup everything. The worst part was I had to erase the HD. Scary.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  13. Holy moly!! Makes for a beautiful picture, but a brrrrtiful day, I'm sure! (See what I did there? Heh heh!)

  14. Holy Moly is right. Gads I haven't heard that phrase in ages, Adriana. You are a wonder! And yes, I'm freezing. I should really get up and go find a thicker pair of socks. LOL. But I'm just having too much fun surfer, I mean writing.

    Merry Christmas.

  15. Hey, Joylene! I love your photos! I'm glad to see that someone somewhere is having a true winter. Here in NC, we've hardly had to wear a coat this season!

    Sorry to have been away from your blog for so long. It's been an exceptionally stressful December - and that's not even counting Christmas.

    Take care, and Happy Holidays to you and your family! See you again soon!

  16. Lauren, stress is never a good thing. Hope your new year is full of wonders and adventures and just a whole lot of fun. Merry Christmas, and thanks for your continuing support. it means a lot.

  17. Merry Christmas, Joylene. I hope you have a great and gratifying day, and a new year filled with literary success.

  18. Thanks, Pat. Best to you in 2012.


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