Monday, December 12, 2011

OH WHAT THE HECK, let's have an ICE contest.

Take a very close look...

The photos start on December 5th through to the 12th. Judging by how fast you think the lake is freezing, pick a day that you think the entire thing will be frozen over. Then pick either morning, afternoon, or evening. The closest guess wins an e-book version of Dead Witness.

Happy guessing.
ps. Vote every day if you like until Sunday Dec 18th.

Dec 17,  evening - Janet Johnson
Dec 19,  morning - Laura Best
Dec 19,  evening - Paul S.
Dec 21,  morning - Wendy Laharnar
Dec 23,  afternoon - Carrie Butler
Dec 23, evening - Anthony Stemke
Dec 24,  morning - Karen Lange
Dec 26,  morning - Hilary Melton-Butcher
Dec 30,  evening - Gary (Klahanie & Penny)
Jan 2,  morning - Pat Bertram
Jan 15, morning - Kittie Howard


  1. Joylene, these photos are absolutely breathtaking, especially the one on 12/12 with those vibrant colors. I've got Dead Witness on my Kindle so will bow out, but your contest is a super idea!!!

  2. Thanks, Kittie. But guess anyway. It's fun and another copy could be a nice Christmas gift.

  3. LOL! You and your ice contests! I refuse to guess, since I won last year, but I'm loving your photos. What a gorgeous sky! I think you could create your own photo book -- "The Many Faces of Cluculz Lake."

  4. Carol, I forgot. December 20th, eh? Good guess.

    Loved your blog photos today. Absolutely beautiful. I'm a huge fan of eagles. I missed a great shot this morning of an eagle snatching a fish off the ice. How it got on the edge, I don't know, but I got cold and came inside. Yes, he picked up the fish immediately afterwards.

  5. I've been hoping you'd do another ice contest Joylene.
    I'll go for the evening of the 19th of December.
    Have a great week!

    P.S. I love the photos.

  6. Good guess, Paul. You have a great chance of being right. Merry Christmas! And thanks.

  7. January 2, early morning before dawn. (I'm hoping you have a slightly warmer Christmas and New Years.)

  8. Incidentally, I love the ebook cover of Dead Witness. So compelling!

  9. Amazing! I'm in constant awe of nature. Now I'd better stop blogging and start working on my post for Wednesday. :)

  10. I'll guess 12/24, early morning. Fun idea, Joylene!

  11. Pat, that's the thing about the weather, anything's possible. My neighbour and friend has kayaked every Christmas morning since she moved here. She's around the corner near the bay, so she's luckier than we are.

    Thanks for voting.

  12. Thanks, Laila and Karen. Good guess, Karen.

  13. What a fun idea for a contest. Hmmm . . . I'm going to say the evening of December 17th! :)

  14. What a fun contest, Joylene! (And fantastic photos!) Hmm... I'll go with December 23rd in the afternoon. :)

  15. Great guess, Carrie. Good luck! Merry Christmas.

  16. I'm out of the contest before I enter. I don't have a kindle. Oh well ... I like to hold good old fashioned books anyway :)

    But, what breathtaking photos! Extraordinary view. What a great place to write!

  17. Wendy, you only need your computer. I can send you a pdf file. Go ahead, guess. What can it hurt.

  18. Okay, what the hell indeed. How about the 21st Dec in the morning ...

    No worries about PDF file - if I do happen to win contest. I won't read it on the computer. But saying that, I will purchase said novel in paperback (you do sell it that way I hope??) and read it whilst reclining on my sofa :)

  19. @That's a good guess, Janet. Best of luck. And Merry Christmas.

    @Wendy -- that's the spirit! You rock! Yes, Dead Witness comes in paperback on Amazon. Thanks, Wendy. You are a doll.

  20. Hey Joylene,
    First of all, what stunningly cool photos.
    And to enter into the spirit of your contest and before I make an ice of myself, I'm guessing, Dec 30 in the evening :)
    Take care, eh, your starstruck fan, Gary and of course, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star....

  21. Us Texans know jack about ice. LOL...But it sure is pretty to look at! What beautiful photos! And what a site to get to see every day!

  22. @Gary and lovely Penny, I'm so glad you are able to enter the contest. This should be fun. And since you know this area, you have a good chance of guessing correctly. Yay ice hockey!

    @Carol, how can you say that. Texan's know about ice cubes, eh? You go, girl.

  23. Lakes don't freeze in Louisiana, so, hmmm, I don't know - let's see - that's a pretty big lake, and it looks like it curves - the ice wants to meet in the middle - but if it's a glacier lake it's deep in the middle - so, I'll say 1/15/12, in the morning!

    BTW, I'm reading Dead Witness and, girl, it's fantastic, a real page turner! The 'Sergeant' bit was a stroke of genius and fooled me. Loved it!

  24. Beautiful photo, Joylene, absolutely beautiful.

    I'm not much for guessing but I'll say Dec. 19--morning.

  25. @Kittie, LOL, I had to think for a moment. Sergeant??? It's been awhile since I read the book. LOL. Now I remember. Warning: Jan 15 seems late. Yes, you could be right, but it's never been that late.

    Now would be a good time to warn anyone. If you want to change your dates, you have until Sunday night.

    @Good guess, Laura!

    Best of luck, everybody!

  26. Hi Joylene .. I think 26th morning .. I guess 23rd last year for it thawing .. I think I'll add a couple of days this time ..

    Let's go .. cheers Joylene .. love these Ice Contests .. cheers Hilary

  27. Got you down for the 26th, Hilary. You go, girlfriend!

  28. Those were beautiful pictures.
    I'd guess 12/23.
    Regardless, have a happy Christmas, you and your family.

  29. Thanks, Anthony. Best Christmas wishes to you and your family too.


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