Friday, January 27, 2012

Murder by 4: First Impressions, by Joylene Butler

Murder by 4: First Impressions, by Joylene Butler: copyright 2012, Joylene Butler Remember your first date, the one that changed your life forever? Good things fell into place be...

I'm guest blogging on Murder by 4 today, and I hope you can stop, check out Murder by 4's terrific writers, and take a look around. It's an awesome blog with a lot to offer all writers.

ps. The contest is still going on until Sunday.


  1. Hi Joylene! I found your blog thanks to Kittie :D Very happy to meet you!

    Off to check out the guest post! Happy Friday,

  2. @It's a pleaure to meet you, Jen. Thanks for stopping by.

    @Keith, you ole dog. How are you! It's snowing heavily here, which should make you feel even more toasty warm.

  3. As one of your single friends, the scenario didn't exactly resonate with me, but that's okay. (*Grins*) You made some wonderful points about first chapters!


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