Monday, January 23, 2012


THE STORYTELLERS, a sixty minute radio program hosted by John Bell and dedicated to the written word, airs every Monday at 7 PM pst on Prince George's cfis 93.1. I'm pleased to announce that tonight John includes his review of both my suspense novels, Broken but not Dead and Dead Witness. After that I'll be reading chapter one from Broken

Here's a brief excerpt of what he's going to say:

Using Brendell Meshango as the narrator of the story, we get a very interesting look into the fractured psyche of the heroine, who can be turned from a determined fighter to a frightened victim by her mysterious foe.  I am sure that we can all equate to the emergence of negative thought that overwhelms us in uncertain moments of great stress. As in the case of Joylene’s first novel, the heroine pulls herself together and faces down her adversary only when her family is threatened.

Thank you so much, John. I'm still in New Brunswick, so I'll be sure to tune in at 10 PM est. Hope others can too.

Meanwhile, I hear my little man calling...


  1. Congratulations, Joylene, that is exciting! I am sure you are enjoying your time with the little man, too! :)

  2. How cool! Congratulations, Joylene! :)

  3. Thanks, Karen, Carrie and Cher. I appreciate your support. Have a nice evening.

  4. Congrats! What an exciting experience...I'm really looking forward to reading your books.

  5. I really appreciate that, Laurel. Have a super great day.


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