Friday, January 13, 2012

Suspense author visits Portage Library

You'd think participating in speaking engagements to discuss writing and publication would get old. It doesn't. Nor should it. January sixth in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, the place of my birth, surrounded by family, friends, and some new friends, I read from my suspense novels Dead Witness and Broken but not Dead, and then shared my love of writing. For me, it was a particularly wonderful evening.

That didn't diminish my anxiety. Because these people love me, I couldn't help worrying that my stories might disappoint them somehow. I know how silly that sounds, but there's no accounting for self-doubt. I've heard tell of famous writers feeling exactly the same way. 

If you're a published author and you have the opportunity to go back to your roots, back to where you were born, to the place that best defines you... go. It's just one more amazing experience to add to the vault. 

I'm currently in Rusagonis, New Brunswick visiting my grandson Blake and his parents. I'm very behind in my correspondence and my comments, but it's not my fault.

Here's the source of my distraction...

--happy readings
ps. I hope to catch up on blog surfing very quickly. 


  1. Oh, he looks precious!! (Almost as delightful as our September-born great grandson!)

    Glad to hear your reading went so well, but it doesn't surprise me that you were anxious about it. While some people might argue that being surrounded by supportive family and friends should make it easier, I know I'd be far more concerned about what my friends thought than any strangers!

    Enjoy your family time.

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Joylene. :)

    P.S. The baby is just too cute!

  3. @Carol, you are so right. I suppose it's because their reaction means so much. Thanks, eh. It's good to be back.

    @Hi Carrie. Yes, Blake has stolen my heart. Can't get enough of him. Being a grandparent is a wonderful thing.

  4. That's one adorable "excuse":) You're most assuredly forgiven. It must have been quite an experience, reading your work with those you love and care about. For what it's worth, I'd be a basket-case about it!

  5. Hey Joylene,
    I've no doubt that was a test of your nerve, yet inspirational and poignant at the same time for you to go back to where you were born. Surrounded by the gentle and caring ambience of family, friends and friends newly realised. Great stuff, Joylene!
    Your distraction is of the most positive kind. Here's to you, your family and your lovely grandson, Blake.
    With respect and admiration, your way, Gary

  6. Oh, Joylene, he's gorgeous! What a happy baby! (And, is it just me or do I see you there as well.) Hey, with a sweetheart like that around, why not put your blog on official hiatus for a bit and enjoy those smiles? We're not going anywhere.

    Going home can lurch the heart.

  7. Your reading sounds like a wonderful experience, I admire your nerve.
    Enjoy your time with your precious grandson, I'm sure we'll all forgive you if your absent from the blogosphere for a while yet.

  8. @Kim, thanks. It wasn't until later that I realized how scary it was. I'd do it again in a second.

    @Hi Gary. It feels weird not being able to get online every day. Guess it was a good thing to experience. I have to rely on myself once in awhile. Best to you and your family.

    @Kittie, I told my son what you said and he's positive his son "only" looks like him. Haha. We've been arguing about whose baby it is too. I win, of course. Blake is "my" baby.

    @Paul, thanks. I'm having a wonderful time. Kittie's probably right though. I should just relax and not worry about blogging until next month. Take care, Paul.

  9. What a wonderful distraction!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings...anxiety is our steady companion on this writing journey.

  10. Hi Laurel. Can't add much else to that. I wonder if the anxiety ever goes away. Hope all's well with you? I'm slowing catching up to my blog readings. Don't think I'll be blogging much myself until next month. I'm too afraid Blake will do something and I'll miss it. LOL. Yes, typical grandmother.

  11. He's adorable!!! I certainly don't blame you & hope to be able to read my own books at my local library one day. Congrats:)

  12. I came looking for you. I was beginning to get worried since you more or less disappeared for a while. Glad to know your absence comes from such an adorable reason.

  13. So first things first, what a sweetie. Oh my goodness. I'm so happy you're getting to spend time with your grandbaby again.

    Your words could never disappoint, Joylene. I just bet everyone was proud and happy to have you come home to read...

  14. @thank you, Jamie. And of course you'll read from your book one day. Never stop believing that.

    @Hi Pat. Yes, I don't feel near as guilty as I should. LOL There's always February, eh!

    @Thanks, Cher! Have a great day.

    @Anonymous, thanks for your kind words. Happy Monday!

  15. Was wondering how your trip was going. The little man is adorable! Have fun! :)

  16. Hi Karen. I will! Have a great week.

  17. Aw! Totally understandable. Rock on, Joylene!

  18. Oh cutie pie! :)

    I'm enjoying being a great auntie to my niece's toddler. Tiny ones are so delightful! :)

  19. Oh, Blake is such a cutie! And so are you!

    I'm IN my I try to keep the flavor of it in my contemporary work. It's what I feel the strongest, I suppose.

    As always, wonderful to see you!

  20. Oh, he's beautiful and looks like a very happy baby!

  21. Nancy, Amanda, Carol and Susan, thanks ladies for letting me indulge myself. Being a grandmother is a wonderful thing.

  22. Ah yes, Joylene, there's a reason all my books are set in a fictionalized version of my home town...

    And as much as I've done it, I still find public speaking a bit nerve-wracking.

  23. It's actually reassuring to hear that, Conda. Thanks for stopping by. Hope your Sunday's nice.


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