Friday, March 2, 2012

Lord of the Dance & Calamity's Corner

Last night I took a night off from the latest nasty bug, (lots of water and ibuprofen) and attended Lord of the Dance at the CN Center in Prince George with my posse Patty, Carmelita, and Miss Betty. And no, I didn't spread any germs. I coughed in my elbow and stuffed my nostrils with kleenex, which may be why people kept gawking at me. But never mind that. If you haven't seen the dance live, here's just a glimpse of a fabulous evening:


I'm also the featured Author of the Month in Calamity's Corner ezine. If you'd like to read my article "Keeping the Faith", email Calamity at calam at live dot com and put "subscribe Calamity's Corner" in the subject bar. I put my heart and soul into that article and I'm proud of the results. Are you allowed to say that?

March 5th ASK PZM, Phyllis Zimbler Miller will be answering questions about Pinterest. If you don't know what Pinterest is, (my new addiction), it's a virtual pin board that allows you to share all the beautiful and fascinating things you find online. I love it. Where else can you drool over the house in "Something's Gotta Give"? 

Or pin a sweet photograph of a puppy and kitten caught sleeping together?

Anyway, I better get back to drinking gallons of water. 
--stay bug-free


  1. Hi Joylene,
    Oops, first of all, I note you are using that new and rather strange comment system that blogger decided to mess about with. You might have noticed it is missing the 'subscibe to follow up comments' option. I always clicked on that option to get follow up comments from your site. Anyway, here goes. Oh, I see that Irish dancing, the big craze of the late nineties, is still going strong in Prince George. I saw the movie "River Dance" and found it most fascinating and absorbing.
    Delighted you are the featured author of the month at Calamity's Corner. I shall endeavour to check you out. You have every right to say you are proud of the results.
    Oh, I've heard about this "Pinterest". Got a request on Farcebook to join in the fun. Of course, I thought Pinterest had something to do with acupuncture or Voodoo dolls....
    Hope you are feeling better and have a nice weekend, eh.
    Your adoring fan, Gary

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the missing subscribe thingy. Amazing as this may sound, they don't query me when they're about to make a change. And yes, that is most annoying. Good for you for visiting my blog despite the BS you have to go through. You, my fine fellow, are a gentleman.

  3. Hi Joylene,
    There you go, I have come back to see if you left a comment. And of course, this way to get an extra hit on your site :)
    Because I try to be somewhat proactive, email follow ups are a good way of me keeping track. On my own site, I changed my comment section to the other option available under comment settings.
    Blogger not consulting with you before they make a change? Glad I was sitting down when I read that!
    Take care eh and happy writing.
    Your loyal, starstruck fan, Gary

  4. Of course you're allowed to say that! :)

    I love Pinterest, too, but this kind of disturbed me today. Yikes!

    Sounds like you had fun at Lord of the Dance--stuffed nostrils and all! ;) Feel better!

  5. Gary, what other option thingy? I looked at my comments setting and it didn't give me another option. How come! Geesh-Louise! They've about stepped over the line!

  6. Carrie, thank you. I read the article and the comments. I had no idea. This is not good news and I'm seriously thinking of deleting my account. I do not need this added stress. Thanks again.

  7. I am honoured to feature you as Author of the Month in Calamity's Corner, Joylene. Your article is worthy of high praise. :) Anyone who wants to read it is most welcome. Just ask and I'll send it.

    I'd love to see a live Lord of the Dance.

  8. Thank you for your comment on Kittie's review of GUARDIAN. I love Peter Pan too! (The Peter Pan story is actually mentioned in GUARDIAN ;-) )

    xx Rachel

  9. Hate knowing you're down with the bug, but glad you were able to get out. I've only seen one of those shows on PBS, long ago, but looks like a great show. What energy!

    Get feeling better!

  10. #Wendy, thank you so much for creating such a beautiful article. I was blown away with how professional and distinguished I looked. LOL. Seriously, I'm a country pumpkin and I look very polished. Love that.

  11. #Hi Rachel. You're very welcomed. I hope you have wonderful success with GUARDIAN. You're on your way with Kittie's recommendation. How nice that is.

  12. Keith, I think my husband and I keep giving the bug back to each other. LOL. He's better, I'm sick, he's sick, I'm better. Ooy. Hope you have a great weekend.

  13. Sorry to hear you have been suffering, but Lord of the Dance is great enough to take your mind off
    this for a while. :0)

  14. Hi Carole. Yes, for a little while I stopped thinking about feeling poorly and had a wonderful evening. Those kids are so talented.

  15. Sorry to hear you've got a bug. Love the pics of the animals - so cute!

    Couldn't watch the clip of Lord of the Dance - I'm on dial-up. Let's not go there ...

  16. Wendy! I was just thinking about you. I sent you something on the 29th. Let me know how long it takes to get to you. I'm curious. Could I have sent it via cruise ship faster? I could use a cruise.

    Dial-up, ah, that's cruel.

  17. Ooh, that looks like so much fun!!! :D I would totally have stuffed my nostrils with Kleenex to go, too. ;) Congrats on being the featured author on Calamity's Corner!! Woo hooooo!! Pinterest is pure evil. I'm thinking about starting up a Pinterest Addicts Anonymous. Will you join? :P

  18. I hope you can stop passing that bug around so you're both feeling better soon. It's a nasty one... very persistent.

    Lord of the Dance must have been fabulous. I haven't seen it, but that clip is great. I've always loved Riverdance... maybe it's the Irish in me... but the vibrancy of rhythm and colour gets my blood going.

  19. Adriana, I'd join. I need help. It's just so much fun Pinterest--ing everything. I wasted the whole morning looking for nifty things to pin. I ended up baking cookies, eating 4, then watching Tiger golf -- just so I would stay away from Pinterest. It's a sickness!

  20. Carol, the sad part, I'm starting to cough, AND Ralph is back feeling crummy again. You know what that means! I'll get better then catch whatever he's got.

    You'd really love Lord of the Dance. It wasn't Michael, but boy could those kids dance. It was energizing ... until I got home to my old sickie.

  21. I'm glad you got a break from your cold and lifted your spirits with this fabulous show. I am learning about Pinterest, so I am looking forward to your post tomorrow. Feel better soon!!!

  22. Feeling much better, thanks, Janet. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  23. Hope you're feeling better, my friend. Get well so I can yell at your because I'm jealous that you got to see Lord of the Dance in person! Hmph! Oh, how I love that, and wish I could see it live.
    Sounds wonderful and I'm glad you enjoyed!

  24. Thanks, Carol. I did have a very good time. The energy was addictive. I felt like I could dance all the way home... until I got into the car for the hour's drive home. LOL.


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