Friday, March 23, 2012

The Lucky 7 Meme is fun!

My dear friend, fellow blogger and Canadian, Carol J. Garvin of Careann's Musings has tagged me with the Lucky 7 Meme. (Merci beaucoup, Carol) The challenge is to go to page 77 of my current WIP, count down 7 lines, then copy the next 7 lines and insert them here on my blog.

My first reaction was that I wasn't sure if I had 77 pages done. Then I wondered, does that mean double-spaced or single? I converted to single and was left with 69 pages. In the end I let my ego rule the day and chose an older WIP because, frankly, the 7 lines in the double-spaced version of One Wrong were boring.

I had no idea how tough this would be.

Here is the Lucky 7 Meme protocol:

1. Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP
2. Go to line seven
3. Copy down the next seven lines, sentences, or paragraphs, and post them as they’re written.
4. Tag seven authors
5. Let them know

Here are my 7 lines from page 77 of Kiss of the Assassin:

"Can you even speak the truth?"
"It's unlikely you'd recognize it. If you're trying to trick me, Comrade Minister Strasnov, I don't care anymore. I came today because I hoped you could provide a pleasant diversion. But like all men you had to spoil it. Now tell me how could you destroy him? And why would you risk your career to do so?"
"I know his secrets. But I won't place you in danger by saying more. Except to add, know my word is good despite my teasing. One day I could give you your freedom."

Kiss of the Assassin is an old manuscript I've been working on off and on since the mid 90s. It's actually my favourite story to date, but it's about the Vietnam War, and all the agents and publishers I sent it to in the early 2000s said nobody is interested in that war any longer. I still love the story, but I've just been busy with my other works Dead Witness and Broken but not Dead. No, I don't plan on giving up and will begin querying again soon.

What's your story about, Joylene?

Funny you should ask. Kiss of the Assassin is an epic political thriller about a young Russian woman, who witnesses the murder/suicide of her parents on a collective farm when she is five, only to be raised by a power politician as his own personal assassin. As she matures, she begins searching for a way to escape his control.

I'm now supposed to tag 7 other writers. If you can't participate, don't worry, there's no pressure.

I hope you'll take the opportunity to check out these blogs above. They are some of the most talented and fascinating writers I know.

Now for something unrelated but just as profound. Today's post is number 499!


  1. Thank you, Joylene! It's nice of you to think of me! It does sound like fun. I need to go see what's on page 77. :) Now, I'm curious...

    Congrats on 499 posts!

    Have a lovely weekend,

  2. Thank you, Karen. I hope you have fun.

  3. Oh, yummm! I like that excerpt! I hope you'll be re-thinking finishing that and re-submitting!

    And thanks for tagging me. Grr...LOL...But this was fun!

  4. I meant to might consider self-publishing this story.

    The only reason I say that is beacause you said publishers felt nobody was interested in the war any longer. That reminded me that Mario Puzo was rejected many, many times for The Godfather. Seemed the majority of publishers and agents felt no one was interested in the Mafia. I'm just sayin'

  5. Thanks, Vastine. I am considering self-publishing. I'm waiting for some energy. LOL.

    Hope you have fun finding 7 worthy characters.

  6. Woo hoo! Fun! :) Thank you for tagging me! Kiss of the Assassin sounds awesome. I can't believe they said no one's interested in the Vietnam War anymore! I'd definitely re-query, Joylene. You are so flippin' flappin' talented! :D Hugs!!

  7. I tagged and did this on Facebook--should be fun to see what everyone comes up with! :D

  8. Thanks for thinking of me (and commenting on my blog). Now if I figure out how to tag 7 people, I'll do it. I'm curious about my p. 77. I know it sounds crazy no one is interested in the VietNam War..They're still writing and publishing WW II stories, for Pete's sake. Keep on working on it. Sounds good to me.!!!

  9. Thank you for thinking of me Joylene. Like your excerpt. MMM, page 77. I haven't got that far in my current WIP. I've got one WIP simmering at the moment. I'll see if I can run through it and find what's on 77 - it's still in rough form so not sure if it would even be worth putting up.

  10. Oh, Adriana, thanks for your kind words. And a big congratulations on your new book. Woo Hoo, is right! Have a super weekend.

  11. I'm looking forward to your excerpt, Janet. Best of luck with your new release, and all the other stuff you're working on.

  12. Cher, wait if you need to. I love how we authors are so critical of our work. I bet your 7 lines are much better than you realize. Looking forward to them.

  13. I had no idea how much I would enjoy this meme! Everyone's seven line teasers are surprisingly tantalizing, given they're snatched at random from the middle of nowhere in particular in our manuscripts. :D Yours make me curious. I've read an excerpt from this ms before, and I agree with the others who say you should begin submitting it again.

  14. Kiss of the Assassin sure sounds interesting. I hope you'll find an agent/publisher for it when you feel you're done. I really enjoyed Dead Witness and am sure Kiss of the Assassin is just as good if grittier.

    Good luck with it!


  15. Carol, I suspect you're full of mischief! I bet you get yourself in all sorts of trouble. Like tagging writers in Lucky 7 Meme. But I had fun. Especially when I had to worry that the dialogue made no sense but I had to insert it into my post because I was tagged by the mischievous Carol Garvin. Uh-ha!

    Yes, I'll admit it. This was fun! Next time let's do 99.

  16. Thank you so much, Edith, for the kind words and for dropping by. I just have to get busy and start querying again. I'm in a bit of a slump in that department.

  17. Great excerpt, Joylene! I'm intrigued. :D

  18. Thank you, Carrie. Hope you're having a terrific weekend.

  19. I was happy to learn that Carol had tagged you. :) I really enjoyed reading your 7 lines. I'm with Carol, start submitting it again. Who knows publishers might now decide that people do want to read about this war. I say, go for it. :)

  20. Hi Laura. I will start querying soon. Thank you for your comment. I read what you had said on Carol's blog. You're such a dear.

  21. That is a nice little segment. Those lines really pack a punch! I hope you get that one published one day. :)

  22. Thank you, Amanda. I'll try. Hope you're having a great Sunday.

  23. CONGRATS Joylene. By the time I get caught up on my blog reading, you'll be at 500 or 500+ blog posts!

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  24. Hey Joylene,
    Yes, finally you can relax. Your shy, humble and oh so starstruck fan has arrived. I'm very sorry it has taken this long to get over to your site. I've been going through my blog list and trying to comment back to each awesome person, such as you, who so kindly graced my unassuming site with a comment. Unfortunately, blogger has been, surprise, surprise, acting up and it has taken ages to leave a comment on all the sites who are thrilled beyond belief with one of my comments.
    Oops, now what about this posting before I just continue rambling on in an incoherent way. Oh yeah, congrats on being asked if you would do the "Lucky 7 Meme". Your 7 lines from page 77 made more sense than my comment. And congrats to those you have asked if they would like to participate.
    Now we wait, with baited or unbaited breath, your post number 500!
    Take care eh. I'm outta' here.....

  25. Gary, strange as this will sound, I understood every word of your comment. You're like family, weird, but loveable. Buit please don't wait with baited breath. Post number 500 is liable to be so so.

    Happy Monday tomorrow, Gary. And thank you so much for your support. Means a lot. Thanks for making me smile.


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